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14-12-2007, 20:09
Recently, I have been playing with a fairly balanced list that intends to be friendly, but just for fun I decided to make a tournament-style lizardmen list and see how it stacks up.

First here is the balanced list that I am currently playing with. I know I would probably be better off with a second group of Kroxigors instead of the saurus cavalry, but I only have 3 kroxigor models and I may as well use the cavalry models I own:

4th Generation Slann - Diadem of power, Plaque of Divine Protection, Plaque of Tepok, and Battle Standard- 455 points

Skink Priest – Extra Level, Dispel Scroll - 125 points

Saurus Scar Veteran – Light Armor, Shield, Great Weapon, Charm of Jaguar Warrior, SS of Sotek, SS of Quetzl- 148 points

18 Saurus Warriors – full command, hand weapons– 246 points

18 Saurus Warriors - full command, hand weapons - 246 points

10 Skinks – Blowpipes, Scouts- 70 points

10 Skinks – Javelins, Shields- 60 points

10 Skinks – Javelins, Shields- 60 points

5 Saurus Cavalry – Hand weapons, shields, spears-175 points

3 Kroxigors – Great Weapons- 174 points

3 Terradons-105 points

2 Salamanders – 130 points


Quick Tactics Overview: A very flexible army I find, but it usually comes to deploying the saurus are in the center, Kroxigors and Cavalry on opposite flanks, terradons near the slann and where needed for war machine hunting, and salamanders to deal with any advancing infantry on the saurus. The skinks screen the kroxigors, and the 2nd group can screen the saurus or act as a unit in itself. Kroxigors and Cavalry act to support each saurus group when charged or charging, skink scouts march block, and slann provides magic support and defense. Nothing too fancy.

And here is the tournament style list:

2nd Generation Slann – Diadem of Power, Plaque of Tepok, Plaque of Divine Protection, and Battle Standard, War Banner- 610 points

Skink Priest – Extra Level, Dispel Scroll- 125 points

20 Temple Guard – Shields, Full Command, Totem of Prophecy- 470 points

10 Skinks- Javelins/Shields- 60 points

10 Skinks- Javelins/Shields- 60 points

10 Skinks- Blowpipes- 60 points

10 Skinks- Blowpipes- 60 points

12 Skinks- Blowpipes/Scouts- 84 points

4 Kroxigors- Great Weapons- 232 points

3 Terradons-105 points

2 Salamanders-130 points


Sorry if your eyes were strained by all that, but a few questions regarding both lists

1) I've had a decent amount of success (4W-2L-1D) with the first list, would it be worthwhile to field in a competitive atmosphere?

2) How angry would people be at the second list? When I made my lizardmen army I tried to avoid a cheesy tournament style army, but recently seeing all of these high elf lists with the 4 mages, 4 bolt throwers, 2x10 archers, and dragon princes, I figure it might be appropriate to have a similarly built armylist. (Similar in regards to friendliness of composition)

3) What tactics would I use with the tournament list? Would I deploy the TG in the center, or off to the side and out of the line of fire? Should I be taking all the skinks with blowpipes, or with javelins, or half and half? Etc.

4) What are the less obvious weaknesses (if any) of both lists? I realize the obvious ones such as the lack of a dominant strength in the first list and the point sink in the TG and Slann in the second, but are there any I'm overlooking?

5) Would an Oldblood/saurus-themed list be a good balance between competitiveness and friendliness of these two lists, or would it be less effective competitively than the first list? I realize this question may come down to my playing style, and I've never tried an oldblood/saurus army so I am not really familiar with the tactics involved in it.

6) Lastly, are there any big changes that could be made regarding troop/item choices in either army while still retaining their general feel?

Anyway just thought I'd put those lists out there for response. Sorry if it was kind of long, but any comments and advice are much appreciated. I'll probably end up field testing both of these lists some more online (lwhfb.lorenzonuvoletta.com), but answers to the above questions and any tweaks to either list that would work better are mostly what I'm looking for.

Edit: Slightly altered the tournament list

15-12-2007, 17:09
No responses yet? Did I make the post too long, or are all the lizardmen players on vacation?

15-12-2007, 17:23
2000point army and u have 1100 point in 1 unit? ;-S thats a lot!.

Beside that isnt almost all (or those i have played in) tournaments 2250 points? maybe thats only in denmark. but 2250 > 2000.

16-12-2007, 02:48
I find that the slann is almost useless unless u make him snd geeration, so id say full generations or no slann. Trash the skink priest for this upgrade.

Temple guard is awsom, but u only need the minimum unt strenth of 10, beacuse thay are stubborn. I like to put a veteran in with teh slann with the gleaming pendant, and felay the enemy with halberds.