View Full Version : Possible BIOS help... not really sure

14-12-2007, 21:53
ok, so i just installed/set up my new computer,

i had some problems with the amount of RAM i was using, [it would not accept 8Gb... ]

anyway, i am now running a fairly stable syestem [now that the cpu heat sinkl is properly attached :rolleyes:] that is running at 4Gb, however i am only able to see 3Gb of this... [the rest or the 4Gb maximu is beng eaten by my graphics card, and other processes..]

but, im running vista 64 which states it can handle much more than 4Gb of ram...

and iff i install another 2Gb [total 6] my computer throws a fit, gets halfway through boot then blue screens and resets before i can read the blue screen...

so... any ideas, 64 bit vista should be able to cope, but im not sure about thet motherboard settings, im using OCZ 6400 (http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memory/ocz_ddr2_pc2_6400_gold_gx_xtc_rev_2) on a Asus commando (http://www.asus.com/products.aspx?l1=3&l2=11&l3=307&l4=0&model=1480&modelmenu=1) motherboard,

i see no reason why it would not work, but alas, it fails, im tempted to try updating the bios, but i know very little baout this, so will be getting a friend to help me over the weekend, so...if anyone has any ideas it would be much apriciated...

14-12-2007, 22:24
are you installing 2GB dimms? bear in mind that if you're using dual channel you have to use them in pairs, so installing 6GB in 3 dimms won't work.

it seems your motherboard and ram are compatible, so unless the 4GB is a chipset limit which it doesn't appear to be.... I'm not sure.

flashing your BIOS is relatively simple, just make sure to back it up, and dont try doing it during a thunderstorm or at a period where you're risking power loss, other than that, not too much hassle.

Have you checked your CAS settings and memory voltage in the bios?

14-12-2007, 22:31
nope, im really kinda blink on bios settings, i can play with alot of other stuff, but never wanted to touch bios due to the mess you can make...

from reading a few forms is might be some of the ram settings in bios, but i am wary of doing anything...

i will go back and try the 8Gb full again, then sleep on the matter,

Karloth Valois
14-12-2007, 22:38
Check what voltage your ram is supposed to be used it. It varies tremendously these days, some need 1.8v others 2.5. Also you're going to find it hard to use up that RAM anyway, I often play a game, have photoshop, 3dstudio max, a level editor, firefox full of tabs, and few other wee programs open at once and i've never managed to use up my 4gb of RAM. Supreme commander may be able to eat it up though!

14-12-2007, 22:42
check your VDIMM settings in the bios, make sure they're between 1.9 and 2.1V or you could be reducing stability, you might want to keep it closer to 2.1V if you've got 4 DIMMS as loading can occur.

you're not likely to permanently knacker anything by adjusting the BIOS settings, just dont massively over volt anything or overclock your chip by ludicrous amounts.

what are your chip and case temps?

14-12-2007, 22:56
will go to bed soon,

anyway, by lowering the FSB to 633 [or 6 somthing or other from auto] i now have 7.103Gb

im guessing the other ~0.9Gb is being eaten by the computer for other things, simular to the missing one origionally,

not ideal but im happy enough to sleep on it... hopefully i can get it working propperly in the morning,

i could not seem to access the voltage adjustment.. i could view it [~2.1v] but not make any changes, possibly looking in the wrong place though,

also need to get the audio workig, but thats another matter!

Gue'la Koholic
17-12-2007, 16:40
How much memory is being seen by the BIOS? That's what is really important. Most motherboards have a jumper pin that can be used to restore factory defaults to the CMOS on the on the board, so I wouldn't be too afraid to monkey about with the BIOS. As long as you don't do things like overclock 200% and turn off your fans and stop overheat protection.

You may want to check the ASUS homepage for a firmware update as well.

Also, and this doesn't sound like that problem, but certain high end motherboards, Sun Micro boards I know for certain, will contain this nifty little feature called a memory hole, which causes memory to disappear. There is actually a reason for this, that involves memory addressing in 32bit vs 64bit architectures.

Good luck with the audio, my POS mobo never worked through the B channel, so I ended up getting a $25 soundcard, which worked a ton better anyways.