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16-12-2007, 08:42
Its time for yet another White Dwarf Feedback thread, this time for the January issue (US 336, UK 337 etc).

If any of you wish to make more general comments about WD, please will you make them in the General White Dwarf Feedback Thread (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23972).

I would like to make a couple of other requests. If you post the score you have given to the current WD on the thread, would you please explain why especially if you have voted 1 or 10. I think this is useful (and interesting) for other WarSeer members reading the thread, it also provides useful feedback for others who read the thread which may include GW Staffers.

The other request is related to the previous one. Do not criticise people for posting their score and views about WD, I believe we are all entitled to voice our opinions without the the fear of them being criticised.

As always, all off-topic posts and spam will be deleted without notice.

The WarSeer Inquisition

18-12-2007, 18:22
Seems a generally average issue.

The battle report wasnt really that great, it wasn't really that surprising and the space marine army wasn't really well selected.

I didnt like the J files, effectively saying play all our games!!!

The previews were nice to see and the new ork models kinda boosted this issue, so a solid 5 from me.

Radioactive Bob
19-12-2007, 17:56
i was a bit annoyed that they had to pit the orcs against marines, with tigurius. They did that for the marine release! However, the presentations were good, the new stuff excited me alot, so a good 6/10.

19-12-2007, 18:09
Not gonna vote since I haven´t checked out the WD, but... The poll mentions December, while the thread and the text of the first post mention January. You may want to check that out, Wintermute.

19-12-2007, 19:08
Not gonna vote since I haven´t checked out the WD, but... The poll mentions December, while the thread and the text of the first post mention January. You may want to check that out, Wintermute.

Changed, thanks for pointing our my error :D.


19-12-2007, 20:43
The gamereport would have been more fun to read if the marines would have had an army that stood a chance. With that army it was just a question of how badly the blue guys would get their shiny carapace *** kicked...

19-12-2007, 23:23
in one of the articles, where in was mentioning the guy who designs a lot of the hobby stuff for GW, it has a pic of a foundation paint pot, thats filled with a really dark brown something, and underneeth it, it sayd
"What could this be? it'll be something that will change the way you paint forever"

My guess is that it's most likely gonna be something that gives close to the same effect as dipping.

20-12-2007, 07:41
My guess is that it's most likely gonna be something that gives close to the same effect as dipping.

And you would be very wrong :p.

But this is s subject for a different thread :)


20-12-2007, 18:04
Hi Warseer

very happy to see my WD on the floor today from the postman ( well actually 2 copies ). Not sure why

Anyways 2008 seems alot of fun and WD gives a few sneek peaks

- full 2 page spread to VC with the army book being able to be pre-ordered Feb 08... pics are all around Warseer at the moment so no new pics... does confirm new models for bestial varghulf, dire wolves, and ghouls which i havent seen as of yet.

also has a review of the design studio 2007 and whats been happening and a hint of new paints & also some design work from the deamons project

Also which i like the look of ALOT ' the collectors range' and inc in this LORT ltd scenic witch king RRP £12, MK IV space marine, new high elf noble & goblin warboss on gigantic spider RRP £18

20-12-2007, 18:34
kool mine should be here tomorow, hope the new year makes it better

20-12-2007, 18:44
I have the new issue and have read a couple of the articles. I am reserving a final score until I've read it all.

The new paper used for the US edition is amazing! It's like thick photo paper, really lets the minis shine. A definite step up in the presentation.

I liked the 08 preview a lot -- I think that the painting on the new Orks looks amazing!

Unless there was a typo, the 2008 catlog looks to be about 1/2 the size of the 2007 one (only 400 pages), but only 1/3 of the price, at $15! If that's true, should be interesting!

I would have liked to see something about Apocalypse in the January issue, as this issue was very light in the page count.

20-12-2007, 21:35
I'm seeing lots of posts describing these pages but as of yet no scans. I have only seen VC pics but I want me some Chaos. Chaos ya hear me!!??
Is there a picture of a new Daemon vehicle?
Pwitty please.


Getifa Ubazza
21-12-2007, 19:28
I gave it an 8. But that was due mostly to there being Orks in it. The J files are usually one of my favourite parts, but i was very disapointed with this one. Otherwise i felt it was a good issue.

21-12-2007, 21:07
I enjoyed the overview of 2007 leading on to 2008, if mainly for the amusing picture of Alessio Cavatore sitting at a very small laptop - no wonder so many errors get through, he probably can't see what he's typing! :p

Other than that, an average issue. Pleasant, but not something to give to the grandkids.

Krog Ironclaw
21-12-2007, 22:18
I gave it a 10. But I'll be honest, thats only because it showcased Orks and previewed VC, my main army in 40K and Fantasy respectivly.

23-12-2007, 09:21
This issue just didn't jump out at me at all.
The Battle report was very understandable and I actually felt that I understood what was going on. yes, the expected army wins but you can actually make out some weaknesses in it. Well written battle report.

The ork sprues were nice

I remember there being some design notes but nothing that impressed me.

byond that I have a hard tiem remembering what was in the issue. I think I preffered last months. I give this one a 5.

23-12-2007, 10:02
Another bang of the front garden gate, another clump of the letter box, another, increasingly light, thump of my crisp new WD falling to my door mat...

As seems to be a increasing trend, we get the first 20 pages of cunningly disguised adverts, although admittedly the new orks look ace. Then we get to thr Citadel catalogue...an advert for an advert...please...And is it just me, or do they show the FW Avatar every month now?

The design notes section seems to be falling in standard, whereas previously it would point out rules changes, give tips etc, it's now on the lines of, ''these new sprues are good, you should buy them, see, Phil here thinks you should buy them too!''.

Sprue images are nice, good for planning conversions etc, and I like the idea of giving us a sample army from the new Codex, although it is yet again a cunningly disguised advert. The Painting Orks tutorial is exactly the same as the painting orks tutorial they did a few months back with the release of the new Fantasy Orcs -__-

Now on to the battle report, and it gets steadily worse. On the plus side, this batrep was actually quite well written and easy to follow and understand, and the 'Dat's New' boxes were helpful. For some strange reason unknown to me, GW seem to think that they must make the new army win every month, and that we, the reader, don't notice it.... In all honesty, I'd be more inclined to start a new army if they don't need GW to make them win.... This months report also had a greater tinge of irony, when the new SM Codex came out, we had Tiguris led Ultramarines vs Orks, naturally the shiney new SM's won...this month we have shiney new Orks vs Tiguris led Ultramarines...I wonder who will win -__- At least the Ultramarine army selection could be put to some use, in an article entitled ''how not to select an Ultramarine force to fight Orks''.

I enjoyed the Design Studio sneak peaks, although the Daemonic Heralds look ridiculously undercosted, far better statlines than your average SM commander, with far better upgrades, for half the points.

LoTR article I didn't read as it is of no interest to me, but it seems they are just trying to drag this franchise out for as long as possible, with pointless articles and endless crappy scenarios...

Note to self, the Mk IV Maximus Armour Marine looks bad ass, order several hundred, the LoTR diarama was pretty neat too.
Then they felt the need to chuck in some more adverts, then a poor Fantasy article trying to (surprise surprise) plug the most expensive models in the Fantasy range.

Overall verdict, 5/10

23-12-2007, 10:33
Gave it a 6, I quite enjoyed this one.

The Ork designer's notes were interesting, and actually made me think of maybe collcting Orks one day. Always nice to see the older fluff make a reappearance.

Could actually follow what was happening in the batrep. I suspect we'll start seeing marines being taken in full squads of 10 to get the heavy weapon from now on, even though the current codex doesn't demand it.

J-files...hmmm....as soon as an SG is mentioned, it is quickly swept under the carpet again. "Uh, yeah, we have a game called Warmaster - quick, look, shiny new WFB vampires!!!!" :eek:

Which brings me to my only real gripe (aside from excessive advertising content, but I've grown immune to the pain now) where the new catalogue is discussed.

"We've got a shiny new catalogue with *EVERYTHING in it."

*Except Specialist Games. Cos you might find that "confusing" :rolleyes:. And it would make the catalogue *really really* big. And no player ever fielded Mordheim minis in their WFB army or Necromunda figs in 40k. And we wouldn't want any core players reading this and thinking "What? Other GW games?"...

Grrr...should have given it a 2.

23-12-2007, 23:45
6/10, i actually enjoyed this one, although i did just flip through it

The new vampires got me a little more exited even though i had seen them all, im liking how daemons are looking and the orks have very nice models so no complaints there.

No SG in the catalog? **** that, why would i buy it i know of by heart all the other stuff games workshop has, Mordheim adds something more to my fantasy universe.

Finn Sourscowl
24-12-2007, 22:15
Another 6 from me. Which is good in one way, I guess, 'cause it means the WD isn't total rubbish, but bad 'cause it means it in't improving either.

The designer notes were a bit better than some previously, although it speaks volumes that they discuss the new models before the new rules.

The battle report was errr... not the best to be polite; total rubbish to be truthful. I don't play the "new" 40k (sorry, anything post-2nd ed. is new to me and I haven't stopped calling it that!), but even I can see that sending a unit of assult marines into the middle of the battle field by itself against an ork army is not that smart and likely to get said marines well and truely overun. Some recent bat reps have been pretty good-ish, but this one felt so blatently "oooo new army, look how good it is, go and buy it" that reading it was almost an insult. It's like the marine player just didn't try. Or, to put it another way, tried very hard to ensure the orks won. Anyone complaining about revealing the result should think very carefully when, in recent memory, a new army lost it's first Battle Report. I think the closest was when Ogres were released what, 3 years ago... and they drew! I understand not revealing who won when there's no major release that month, but otherwise, it's just another advert.

Sorry, that turned into a bit of a rant. That was the low point of this issue though, 'cause many of the other articles were very readable! Except Standard Bearer, which was a little too "go and play ALL our games for my liking".

The painting articles were good and the year review/preview was interesting.

If any WD people do read these boards (and I'd be surprised if they don't!), please try and make the Bat reps at least vaguely competative when a new army is released. I know you have a brief to show the new army in the best light, but this month was waaayyy OTT.

I think you get the message... I'll stop there before I really start ranting again! It's a shame 'cause I enjoyed most of the rest of the magazine!

29-12-2007, 12:56
Pretty dull issue, very light on actual content (One article for Warhammer, one meaningless article on LotR, everything else ORKS ARE DA BEST!!!!).

Stella Cadente
29-12-2007, 14:55
I gave an 8 YES AN 8
unlike every other pile of tripe thats come out this year WD related, this one was a great read, the Ork stuff was great, its what I had been waiting for, the battle report was quite good (even though the marine army looked like it had been selected by a stupid blind man, and was played by someone with the mental capacity of a 2yr old)

the LotR and fantasy sections aren't worth mentioning

brother malthius
29-12-2007, 19:26
Gave it a 5.
The good:
Nice shiney pictures made me want to buy an Ork 40k army.
Always nice to see a fantasy tactica
Design notes for the new orks
sample army list for the new orks
The Behind the scenes at the studio feature. I liked seeing what someone with an interesting job does. It was nice to look at their desks and see what kinds of reference materials and items they have. My desk has a broken Instrumed Smartpump surgical turniquet on it, which is FAR less interesting.
The Bad:
listen, GW: Its "White Dwarf" not "White Spaces". Sheesh there's so much extra space on these pages my wife was surprised. The bat-rep has a page where 2/3 are pictures, and the other 1/3 is a white triangle that says "Red ones go fasta".
The vaguely disturbing pictures of the pre-teen boys and the caring, but somehow pedophilic staffers guiding them into the new hobby. People older than 10 DO read this magazine. You could try to make us feel included in the demographic.
Another High Elf painting masterclass. How...interesting :(
A pointless LoTR article that ended with...an ad for the LoTR game. CLEVER!
Jervis's "Why not try ALL our games?" piece. Best part: "Whatever the result, its bound to be more fun than arguing about which game has the best combat system". WARMACHINE?
Idiotic battle report where the SM guy cries "If I had my Black Templars, I would have won!".
The fact that there used to be four boston area GW stores listed, now there's only one. But that might be because the other three closed down.

Stella Cadente
29-12-2007, 22:14
Idiotic battle report where the SM guy cries "If I had my Black Templars, I would have won!".
he should of used his black templars........OH WAIT NO, heaven forbid if the new army on the block loses:p

30-12-2007, 21:28
The gamereport would have been more fun to read if the marines would have had an army that stood a chance. With that army it was just a question of how badly the blue guys would get their shiny carapace *** kicked...

Yeah I felt that way the moment I saw the army selections. Normally they're okay, not powergamerery, bit fluffy, not tooled but not completely useless. This time I just shook my head... how many Rhinos? No doubt 50 plus points for a Stormbolter seemed like a good idea. I held my breath though to see if they were gonna do anything clever with them and ho. No they don't. The moment I saw deployment I thought it's over before they've tossed the first dice. Battlereports are normally a joy but this one was just a pain. So many schoolboy errors it's hard to believe these guys are custodians of the franchise.

Anyway, I gave it a generous three points. I honestly believed that the change of the guard might lead to better editorial content but despite looking forward to this issue and believing that last issue must have been bad because they were storing something for this issue I was sadly disappointed and I now have no faith in a return to quality from WD, at least not in the near future. My main beef remains the same, there are lots of pretty pictures (which I don't mind*) but very little written content.

Newsflash for GW, ten year olds can read! I remember being ten/eleven and I emptied out the local library’s children’s fiction (mostly fighting fantasy but i digress) and then moved on to various magazines which all had a common theme of good quality editorial content. If/when a magazine starts to slip the consumer notices it even if they are under the legal drinking age.

Oh and my last bone of contention: When did the catalogue go up to eight quid?! I used to buy that thing on and off and never had much issue with forking out a spare couple of quid, but to double the price WTF GW. WTF?! :wtf: Argos give out their catalogues for free, twice a year and they're ten times as thick! Try and take a leaf out of their book. Stop trying to just rip us off and provide some customer service. For GAWDSAKES who wants your mangy catalogue when you can see all the pictures for free, any day of the week on the internet? You people are living in the last century with this kind of BS.

*yes even the ads

Captain Cortez
30-12-2007, 21:53
Bought myself this months White Dwarf and its been....well since Portent turned to Warseer. I haven't bothered waisting my money if it isn't interesting.

I give this months a 5/10. Its wasn't bad but it kept my low attention span going so its was basicly a good bathroom mag.

30-12-2007, 23:00
It was an improvement over recent issues, but still some way short of what it used to be.

Did enjoy the masterclass article on Eltharion. It has inspired me to collect a High Elf army again.

Stella Cadente
30-12-2007, 23:10
Newsflash for GW, ten year olds can read! I remember being ten/eleven and I emptied out the local library’s children’s fiction
if WD was written in text speak then yes in the modern world ALL 10+yr olds could:p, I don't think I know a single kid over 7 who can read PROPER english

Guy Fawkes
31-12-2007, 03:56
This is the best WD I've seen in a long time, so I gave it a 3.

The Battle Report was a joke. Come on, you're fighting an army that has no armor, wants to fight in close combat, and comes in a horde - so you bought three Rhinos, Assault Marines, and chose to give your tactical squads Flamers and Missile Launchers? The guy was a total tool! Of course, taking Snipers and using them to try to take down an Ork Drednought was a joke. Oh, and the heavily outnumbered Marines deploy in a line from board edge to board edge in their deployment zone - just great. Anybody who can dress themselves without assistance could see the obvious faults with the guy's list and style of play - he should have deployed in a corner, used Whirlwinds and lots of Tactical Marines, and then accomplish the missions in the last turns of the game - the Ork player actually didn't have that many squads.

The rest of the magazine (actually the Battle Report also) was a big advertisment. Nothing makes me feel pure and utter joy in my heart like realizing I payed more for an issue that has no redeeming features and no content. Less pages in total - even less pages of advertisement!

I thoroughly am on edge about the Baneblade assembly guide of recent issues (pretty much exactly as written on the instruction manual) and the brilliantly written masterpieces of "How to paint Orks" (as seen in the Orc and Goblin WD issue in all of its unchanged glory - featuring how to paint a checker pattern and how to do teeth - finally something useful that applies to every army and hasn't been done to death) and "How to build and paint Eltharion" (Because the "Revolutionary" model tool articles haven't been self explanitory - we still don't realize you use super glue to glue metal models together and pin wings and greenstuff gaps - we still don't realize how to paint gemstones (see basically the last 3 WDs for a recap) - In fact, with how thick our skulls are and how much GW has to repeat basic tutorials, it's a wonder WD readers can even write on forums without outpacing their mental capacities). Oh and the "How to Use Flyers" guide, a copy from the Black Gobbo sixth edition version with some boxes and pictures added, really does a good job of selling Elves - nobody else can field effective flyers except for Brettonian Knights on Hippogriffs and Tzeench Lords on Discs (And nobody can field cost-effective warmachine hunters, apparently).

I'm so glad I bought this issue.

31-12-2007, 13:36
I rated this one a 7 it must be the green tinge, the bat rep though the troops picked and tactic used wher ?"//- it was well laid out and actually showed what was going on.
The flyers tactic WTF! where were the terradons, fellbats, flying cav etc, LOR never bother with it and imho it should join the gorka morka range(ha ha) bringe back necromunda and mordheim instead. There seemed less ads in veiw and less events shown,
So not to bad but room for improvment , needs more writen content and concice articals.

01-01-2008, 03:08
I gave it a 10. One word: WAAAGH!

01-01-2008, 19:32
First one I bought in years.... wish I hadn't. Really has slid a bit...

Not so much into an advertisement, that was always it's purpose, but the overall quality of the advertisement. It looks real shiny, and full of pictures, but it has about as much actual substance the space between Jade Goodie's head...

The best bit was the Truck and Warbike sprue pictures....which is a useful thing to have....

01-01-2008, 21:30
It seemed thinner this month, 6/10

Good ork bits, boring flyer tactica, loved the year in the studio article and am still disappointed by the useless frontline section and that cartoon dwarf!

J files..sorry, Standard Bearer was rubbish, "The only thing better than playing warhammer is playing warhammer, 40K and LotR YOU MUST BUY NOW!"

The battle report was madness. The marine player had Rhino Tac squads, Assault squads and Preds and he has to get to the Ork deployment zone, optionally killing the ork warlords for a fluff victory...so he sits right back in a line..............
Where was the whirlwind, terminators, devestators...instead we see sniper rifles vs a dreadnaught (Ithought they had only D6 AP??) Why wasn't he pinning the Ork Squads? Obviously Orks had t owin, but this was almost as bad as the Tau vs Dark Eldar where the DE missed all thier shooting two turns in a row....

02-01-2008, 10:37
Gave it a 2. Nothing in it at all to interest this bitter and twisted old fart. The whole magazine felt like a bunch of 12 year-olds wrote it on the back cover of their maths exercise book on the way into school on the bus one morning.

Half-assed drivel the lot.

Utter pants.

What a rubbish way to start the new year!

02-01-2008, 11:46
a generous 3 but otherwise what Osbad said - really wish i had saved my £4

Wolflord Havoc
03-01-2008, 17:24
I agree - gave it a 2

Dont get me wrong - I like the new Orks but the Battle report was a pile of poo and this alone has tainted the entire glossy advert magazine for me.

Some chap at the conclusion said what the Space Marine player should have done......which was basically 'use some tactics'. The Use of Rhinos to corral and block LOS/Movement for a couple of turns whilst concentrating on a single flank was an obvious tactic as was not advancing his 20 Assault marines and Chaplain piecemeal into charge range of the Orks.

At one point he advances 5 marines armed with bolters and a flamer 'closer' - yes 'closer' to a Ork Dread! WTF? Another point in the game he was close combating 3 Ork Mega Nobz with a squad of Tactical Space Marines - who didn't have a tooled up Vet - Sgt.

Very disappointed - especially given some of the recent battle reports - High Elves vs Orks/Greenskins - where they won but suffered badly in the process and the Tau vs Blood Angels and IG Apoc Report which aside from some 'olympic' movement from Mephiston (who should have been entangled) and some very odd targeting choices for the Banebaldes etc was pretty spot on for a proper sized game of Apoc (not the mega mega silly game they had in the issue it was released - 25,000 odd points a side).

Okay so I am not interested in LOTR and don't need advice on High Elf tactics etc (does anyone actually get anything useful out of those tactic guides?) but still it just came across as a rather shiney catalogue with adverts.

Edit: I am just glad mine was free - MattGilbert got 2 through the post.

03-01-2008, 20:44
I agree that the battle report pulled the whole magazine down. Usualy I'm OK with 'the new army has to win' theory but I prefer not to be treated like a five year old. I took one look at the Ultramarine army and started laughing. Two full assault squads? Well I bet they're going to jump forward on the first turn to allow the Orks to charge them (remembering that Matt said in the army summery that you had to shoot Orks and not let them charge you en masse). Result? They jump forward and get flattened (so basicaly he goes directly against the tactics that he's just outlined two pages ago). Goodbye 500 points plus. You need a lot of firepower to overcome Orks! Therefore sink 150 points plus into three transports you are never going to use. There were other awful decisions (Annihilator) and tactics (let's shoot the Scouts at the Dread for a turn or two).

The thing that really made me laugh was the Marine summery where Matt serious seemed to be sugesting that the game somehow swung back and forth rather than just being the steamrollering that it was. A one page summery of the fifth and sixth turn sums it up nicely IMHO.


04-01-2008, 00:22
The best Battle Report I ever read was still the first on... Guard Versus Dark Eldar, way back when the Dark Eldar Codex first came out... WD227 I think...

Full army rosters were given beforehand, a new, specialised scenario was tried, and, one of the players was actually using his own army for it, not just the studio shiny ones...

The battle itself swung almost with each turn, and it only ended up being a very close victory for the Guard, but for the grace of a damaged raider not claiming a table quarter...

Second, comes the Multi-table/Multi Issue Battle for Armaggedon report...which I sadly lost. I loved that, especially the viewpoint of the Nob that gets his head removed by a Chaplain. The whole report had an actual story to it, rather than... D6 =1 ****, guy's dead... *Flick*. There was a narrative applied to a static battle, rather than just who rolled what..

Steamrollers are dull... usually, I thought they usually refought a Battlereport, if the first run through wasn't interesting enough for publication.

05-01-2008, 15:47
I gave it a 3. Nothing worth READING but plenty of nice piccies of Orks. the rest seemed typically pointless and shallow.

First wd I brought for a whole year now and was mildy impressed it hasn't completly turned into a sales brochure.

05-01-2008, 23:32
I thought this was one of the worst issues for a while.

I'm a 40k player only, but thought the only article of note was the tactica flyers.

The battle report was borderline ridiculous, I mean, we know who will win but it was insulting I thought. what a waste of page space, and it wasn't even very clear. Not impressed.

Its a big catologue for stuf we've already seen leaked. If they continue driving stores into the ground, then white dwarf will be our only reference for the hobby soon, and issues like this don't fillme with much hope.

06-01-2008, 02:56
Well I flicked thru this months issue and saw some helpful painting articles and a bat rep, shame it was all for the new Ork stuff and not just a random bat rep and some general painting how to's but I guess the great WD won't be leaving comercial-ville anytime soon, ho hum is all I can say to this months WD.

06-01-2008, 07:35
I love orks, I want to make an ork army now, I will start playing gorkamorka again, and this issue of WD was terrible

New Release Section - Ok, I like seeing all the shiny new stuff, and I like that they have added a page for the black library and forge world

News - Vampire counts (yay) another ork ad (I've already seen the orks in the new release section why split it up ??) and more ads for various things (This section is called news right ?)

ORKS! - orks, orks and more orks - I love reading the design notes, even if I'm not going to collect said army, bitz break downs are awesome (already got some cool conversion ideas) sample list is ok, painting guide is pretty meh

More Ads - come on ! please stop

Battle report - everyone else has said everything that can be said about this

Design Studio Review - I quite enjoyed reading this, though more article substance and less pics would have been nice

LotR - Dont play it (but have and prob will do again in the future) doesn't really bother me

Ads again

The Citadel Range - Where do i start, how do i talk about this without getting banned, well its a 4 page 'article' that is just a poorly disguised ad for the citadel catalogue

More Ads

Standard Bearer - alright, not as good as previous ones, but still alright


Warhammer Tactica - ok, not great

'Eavy metal - please please please get rid of these and just do general painting guides

Toolbox article - just a ad for the new modeling tools

The Directory - A very good addition to the OZ WD, event, store info and mail order is all in the one section now

3/10 from me

[Edit: i accidently clicked 2 on the poll, should have been 3]

06-01-2008, 17:42
I posted at 7 because overall the WD was 9 or 10 but the battle report was a 1.

12-01-2008, 10:03
I dont usually post on this thread but after borrowing my friends WD i felt i should in the hope that GW occasionaly reads these feedback threads...

The battle report was so shocking that it brings the entire WD down with it...

Its usuall for the *NEW* army to win, thats expected, but for the ultramarine side to hand iot to them before the game has even started, is just silly..

i have not seen such a bad army choice in a while, followed up by a bad setup, followed by a shocking first few turns leading to total victory for the orks...

they also chose one of the oldest armies to play against the newest...

at least use DA or something, BA even [as they have a long history of fighting orks] as these use the newstyle SM pricing structures, aswell as including all the random equipment that no one really buys...

they halso have the combat squad rules, which this army seemed to be asking ro use, but did not..

in essence it makes matt seem a fool/idiot which im sure he is not, [and he admits several flaws at the end with his report], it just a shame he could not have thought about the list before hand....

14-01-2008, 15:42
I love to read the battle reports. Even though they are obviously biased it is still fun to read them. So I went straight to see who won and at first thrilled. Yeah orks won. But then the score was so one sided. Then against Ultramarines. So I had to read the report closely to find out what happened. After several reads it finally dawned on me. I wanted to read how Orks handle their tradition problems.

First where are the whirlwinds? Not even one. Most marine players take two.

Next how about heavy armor. Orks have always had difficulty with 14 armor. Where is the land raider.

Terminators! Orks loose the 4+ choppa because for the Terminator Armor. How do orks handle terminators.

Land Speeder Assault cannons. Where is the squad of 3 land speeders with assault cannons.

The army list looks like it was sandbagged to give the orks a chance to win.

Next why Ultramarines. Ultramarines big rival are Tyranids. So why Ultramarines. Why not Tau? Tau are all about fighting orks. Army background to weapon options the Tau exist to fight Orks. Where are the Tau?

17-01-2008, 01:01
Even though I am an Ork player I give this issue a resounding 1.

There was next to nothing to read. Lots of thinly disguised advertising and lots of waffling about finding clubs and whatnot.

The Ork stuff was crap. The designer notes were lame and the battle report is probably the worst since the daft Giant fest. The Marine player gave the game away in turn 1 and selected an atrocious list. The Ork list was bad too but not as bad as the Ultramarine player.

Thank the heavens I didn't buy it and read it at the newsagents instead!

IMO it's time to retire the White Dwarf. Who needs it now that we have got Firebase!

Stella Cadente
17-01-2008, 02:16
Who needs it now that we have got Firebase!
now we have...what?, never heard of firebase, and I would assume many haven't, so WD is still needed, its just the people who are part of it at the moment we don't need

Lord Damocles
19-01-2008, 15:04
OK, bit late, but I've finally got January's issue. Someone remind me why I pay for a subscription:eyebrows:

Not a great deal to add to what everone else has said really. Pretty poor overall, still no real content. 3/10.

PS. I'm surprised nobody else has mentioned it, but the conclusion to the battle report mentions that ork blood is green. GREEN I TELL YOU! WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE SMOKING? ORK BLOOD HASN'T BEEN GREEN SINCE 2ND EDITION! ARHHH!:skull:

26-01-2008, 06:47
337 was about LOTR so that brings the total score down by like...11.