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19-09-2005, 08:13
My friend came round yesterday, we hopped in the car before the shops close so I can pick up a copy of Neo and some more Necron Destroyer models and journalistic gubbins.

I'm driving around a roundabout on the outside when a guy in a BMW flies up the inside and nearly hits us.
The driver is hitting the horn like crazy, drives parallel to us and I hear shouting and see a flurry of hands out of the corner of my eye.
Naturally I make the '******' gesture, as is the custom.
I hang back, he speeds off.
A typical day on the road, until...

It looks like he's going to go straight on at the next round about, when he suddenly turns off after us and gives chase.
He repeatedly tries to block us in with his car.
After lots of evasive manouveres, I start driving us down narrow streets towards the Police station so he can't overtake, unless he wants to take his chances with oncoming traffic.
This is where he manages to get round us, nearly hitting an oncoming car on the other side and boxes us in. There's traffic behind and infront and there is nowhere to go.

The guy leaps out of his car. He's like the Incredible Hulk! His arms must have been the size of my torso. I frantically press the central locking button on my keys. Does it work? Of course it bloody doesn't and in my haste I don't think to just push the tabs down instead.

He approaches the car and shouts at me.
"Why did you call me a ******!?"
"Because you cut me up." I answer calmly.
He throws the door open and shouts the same again, I calmly reply again.
He pauses for a second, maybe he'll walk away? Then he leans into the car and I get a mouthful of abuse. I keep saying "I'm sorry" calmly over and over. He then grabs me by the jumper, more abuse. He tries to pull me out of the car, but I still have my seat belt on. To lessen his hold on me, my right hand clamps round his wrist (which is the size of my forearm), which is when I notice this guy is totally covered in acne and only has small tufts of hair on his head. Sure signs of steroid abuse.
While I'm observing this, he's shouting at my friend.
He slaps me round the face (surprisingly lightly) which brings me back in to focus. I thought he was about to hit me and considering there's nothing I can do, I exhaled, went limp (to soften the blow) and waited. More abuse, he let go, ran back to his car and sped off.

I turn to my friend.
"Is my jumper stretched?"

19-09-2005, 08:21
Did you get the registration of his car?

Skink Master
19-09-2005, 08:22
Steroids make people highly temperamental, and it increases their agression factor by ALOT.

You did the right thing calling him a ******. He deserved it. Guys like him shouldn't be allowed on the road. Guys like him cause accidents.

Bravo for handling yourself in a calm fashion!

New Cult King
19-09-2005, 08:43
See, you could have taken a shot at his jewels, but steroid abuse shrinks those too, so you would probably have needed laser-guidance to actually hit them.

The boyz
19-09-2005, 10:51
wow, you handled that situation very well MidnightResistance. If someone tried to pull me out of the car and slapped me I would not be very happy with them at all.

19-09-2005, 10:52
You could have handled it better, but you could have handled it worse as well. You did well by not aggravating him, but you made the mistake of not going to a public place (like a supermarket or mall carpark) and by letting your nerves get the better of you and not locking the car.

Have a look for a book called 'verbal judo' and another called 'the gift of fear'. Both are self defense oriented, but are excellent books on the subject of verbal de-escalation and remaining in control even in scary situations.

19-09-2005, 11:23
I didn't get his registration.

Due to the structure of the roads round here, getting to a public place was virtually impossible. Also, he would not have been deterred by the public as everyone knows that you can never rely on the public to assist in a crisis.
The police station was also closer.

Yes my nerves got the better of me when I wanted to lock the car. My central locking SHOULD have worked. But at least I'll know if anything like this ever happened again in the future.

I'll have a look at those books. I've also been considering taking up a martial art (not for kicking arses) but for the sort of inner peace that seems to come with it.

19-09-2005, 11:48
The thing with public places is not that people are afraid of the crowd assisting their victim, but are afraid of potential witnesses and of being judged. The guy probably stopped short of beating you because he had enough time to think about how much of a dick he was being. It's worse for him when a crowd is watching, and you're being passive and quiet. He knows he looks like a dick, and is more likely to pull his head in, especially with all those people able to act as witnesses on your behalf should you need to press charges. Fair enough though about being unable to get to a public place.

Good luck with the martial arts. I've found it to be a very enjoyable and fulfilling activity.

19-09-2005, 13:19
That's what my friend said, but I noticed that the guy never looked round to see if other people were watching, so in this case I don't think it was a factor.

I'm looking into Ken-Do :) I like swords

19-09-2005, 13:25
In my old university we had a bunch of people on roids.
They were grotesque frames of muscle and what they built in muscle-mass they lost in brain-cells. Very short temper, legendaryily ( not a word...) small penii and probably Vermonts leading purchasers of date-rape drugs.

19-09-2005, 14:39
my gym is full of meatheads, but none are on roids. they are all big bloody natural muscle mountains who eat like a ton of food a day and train by lifting cars etc :D. our gym owner, Dave, kicks roid users out on their arses. roids are `the lazy way to big muscles. and they dont even look good.

sorry to hear about that midnight, ive had steroid heads get up in my face before, its damn scary.

19-09-2005, 14:48
But it's satisfying to know that they sheer level of abuse this guy is doing to himself will mostly likely cause a hormone in balance.
That's right folks, he's going to grow some beautiful large BREASTS :D

19-09-2005, 15:59
and a small nob and balls.