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19-09-2005, 09:49
ok, i feel that as much variety as the counts book has, what dissapoints me, is theres no lord level wight.

so, to correct this, ive come up with a few extra bitz and pieces to make one usable!

and the best part is, you only need opponents permission, as its a take on the current characters, and back of the book blood dragon list!

it has its flaws though. its a little slow, and not resistant to magic at all.
heavy missle fire can cause trouble as well, but uit becomes faster if you stick to only a few large units, and put a character in each, to keep them marhcing.
fisrt off, a special character of sorts, and he is a lord level character.

wight king. uses a lord and hero choice.
points-651+ (519 for the king, 132 for the bodyguard)
unit size- the wight king (on 40mm base), champion, musician, and 8 grave guard.

wight king..6...10..6...5..5..4..8.5..10
guantlet of.-...3....3...4..4..sp.3.sp.sp
grave guard.4..3....3...4..4..1..3.1...8

equipment- the king carries the wight kings morningstar, armour of undeath, and wields the gauntlet of undeath.
the grave guard carry wight blades, shields, and heavy armour.

the king is also a level 2 wizard.

special rules- king and bodyguard
the king must be purchased with his own bodyguard of the finest undead champions. they follow the rules for wight blades, and grave guard. the king takes up the place of the standard and 2 other grave guard.
the bodyguard has a musican, champion, and must have at least 8 models purchased. this may be increased up to 26, at 13pts per model. the unit may not take a standard, or magic banner, and no other characters may join it.

wight kings morningstar- this grants the king +1 strength, allows him to reroll missed hits in the first round of every combat, and grants killing blow. in all other respects, it counts as a hand weapon, and so may be combined with with the gauntlet of undeath. it may also be swing as a great weapon, for a total bonus of +3 strength, though may not be combined with the gauntlets shield bonus.

armour of undeath- this counts as full plate armour, but also grants a 5+ward save, and incorperates the gauntlet of undeath.

gauntlet of undeath- this powerfull gauntlet, commanded by the king, has a power of its own. it may make an additional attack, from its own profile, made with killing blow, in every combat, and it counts as the banner of the barrows. as the gauntlt was from a wight, it also hits on a 3+, as the unit its in. it also counts as the units standard. the gauntlet may also be picked out by shooting from weapons like hochland long rifles, and weapons that ignor targetting restrictions. when it loosed 1 wound, it loses its banner of the barrows effect, and one grave guard is sacraficed. when it loses 2 wounds, another grave gaurd is sacraficed, as when it loses a third, fourth, or howeve many more, although it always retains its weffect of a unit standard.

the wight kings army.
lords-the wight king.
heros- wight lords
core- grave guard (may not take magic banners), black knights (may not take magic banners) skeletal pesant archers (skeletons armed with bows, and cost 10pts per model)
special- skeletal servants (count as skeletons in all respects)
rare- chariot of undeath (black coach), undead queen (banshee), living followers (dogs of war).

and there we have it. the king and his bodyguards rules are a little complicated, as he is effectivly, a blood dragon vampire count, with full plate armour, ring of the night, strength of steel, heart piercing, and master strike, with a shield, and great weapon.
the complecated bit, is that hes on a 4o,mm base, and counts as 2 grave guard, and the grave guard standard bearer with banner of the barrows. as the unit standard is dropped, and picked up if the bearer is killed by shooting, but is it the same for magic banners? if so, the gauntlet never loses its effect, but sacrifices a grave guard when it takes a wound, as the gauntlet, is effectivly the 3 grave guard, including standard.

the bodyguard ets me do this, and the minimum unit size is 8, so theres an effective unit of 11, and the king! making a legal unit!

the army list is the back-of-the-book blood dragon list, with some alteration, like scrapping the beardy lance formation, and thralls.

the even better bit is you can use this for a 2000pt normal army, but the kings unit takes up a lord, a hero, and a special, instead of a core.

well, i hope you like this perfectly legal character and army, that can be used in tight assed stores, and even for tournaments!


19-09-2005, 10:04
oh, and as fro a model, might a suggest sauron as a basis! hes big, beefey, and looks like an emptry, haunted suit of armour.

Hideous Loon
20-09-2005, 12:41
Hmm. I could rant for 100 words about not being able to use The Dark Lord in WHFB games, but I'm not. Instead, I want to know what the fluff explanation is for being able to use lots of Wighties, as there aren't *that* many barrows strewn on the plains of the Old World, and those barrows are the basis for the existence of Wights. But, ignoring that IMO minor fluff inconstistency, the armylist seems like a fairly good idea, and admitting access to bows for Skellies gives the army some tactical difference. The problem is that, like the Zombie Pirate (arrr...) list, you will only be able to use it in 2000+ battles. Bye, bye, Wight-only Border Patrol (now THAT'S fluffy, a hostile army plundering the barrows, disturbing the sleep of the Grave Guards). If you let in Necromancers into the list (not Masters mind you!), it would make sense, in the fluff as well. They could be the blokes who animated the army or something.

You know, I just had the coolest idea. You know those LOTR Barrow-Wights that attacked the Hobbits, so that they were forced to be rescued by Tommy Bombadilly? You could use those models for Banshees, or as variety in Spirit Hosts. Wouldn't that be awesome? The problem, though, is that the models are a wee bit smaller than the WHFB ones, but it won't probably make such a big difference anyway.

My (quite valuable) 2 small pieces of copper...

20-09-2005, 12:50
thanks loon. ah, i shoulve looked into the background a little bit, shouldnt i *is embarressed*

i guess i could add necromancers... it wouldnt screw the theme up too much, but make it legal for border patrols, and smaller games...

as for sauron, dont worry, i didnt mean use him as he is, i was talking about rescuopting and repositioning bitz, as well as general conersion...