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19-09-2005, 12:09
yesterday, I got my hands of the last episode of Macross Zero (amazing animations)

I've also got the Gundam Endless Waltz movie serie (I don't like the episodes, too childish for my taste)

and than there's Visions of Escaflowne (in process of getting the episodes, own and love the movie)

so I seem to be developping something of an Anime Battle Suit love, and any other suggestions for series or movies would be more than welcome

but here's the thing: I once had a copy of a Battle Suit movie, taking place on Mars, about a Marsian colonist using an alien Suit to fight off the Eath suppression (although he dies in the end, believing the suit to be his lost love)

but I can't remember what it was named: can anyone help me on this one?

19-09-2005, 12:13
Neon Genesis Evangelion is a good series. It tends to be quite serious at times and certainly not the avreage mecha-anime.

An other one would be the Patlabor series. Especially the second one does not center on mecha action but more on a detective story. Still enough mecha to please.

19-09-2005, 12:53
I'll second the Evangalion recommendation. It's really deep. Make sure to get all 26 eps and 2 movies (which are alternate endings.)

Full Metal Panic is a more light-hearted mecha series which combines giant robots and highschool life pretty well (as in: reasons to have a highschool kid pilot a mecha are believable once for a change.)

Can't help you with the Mars one you've described though, sorry.

Kargos Bloodspit
19-09-2005, 13:00
I've also got the Gundam Endless Waltz movie serie (I don't like the episodes, too childish for my taste)

Gundam W childish? You need to watch some of the earlier episodes, before it went a bit ugh. Especially the whole Zechs thing...

I'd recommend Big O, fairly deep and sometimes dark. Granted, the mecha seems to take a back seat most of the time, but its still good.

My friend has a few episodes of something called "Rah-Xephon" on his Hard Drive, mostly mecha there too.

Ravening Wh0re
19-09-2005, 13:13
Geez, there's so many. Japan churns out a hundred a month.

Hm, what pops to mind? Of course, theres the Gundam series ( a cartoon specifically made to sell it's plastic toys)

Vandread was rather good.
Dual too.
Gaogaigar (SP)

(didnt like full metal panic btw)

there's just soooo many, i can't recall any :(

Currently I'm watching Project:Aquarion

edit: just like to emphasise how much I loved Vandread (1+2) series. A war between Men and Women? awesome

19-09-2005, 13:16
get the new APPLESEED film.

Son of Morkai
19-09-2005, 13:57
Nadesico. It's a spoof of big robot anime while still being a big robot anime itself. The suits take backseat to the characters and the battleship Nadesico, but they're pretty important. Oh, and several of the characters are obsessive big robot anime fanatics and watch Gekiganger all the time.

19-09-2005, 14:29
thanks for all the replies

I'll definitly try the Evangelion series (I did have one of the movies), and have another shot at the Gundam Wing series (I guess they're not that much different from Escaflowne: teenage kids going hardcore and the uniform-wearing girls falling for it)

I had the Appleseed movie, but than I lent it out and now one of the cds is broken (ie, I'll be redownloading that one). I love the animation, although the story... well, you know

some more details on the Mars thing I'm looking for:

- basicly Mars is a collony for Earth. it's however dominated by the parent planet, both in resources and physically (Marsians have a lighter physique than Earthlings, and so are easily bullied around)

- but than the Marsians find an alien piece of Battle Suit technology. the hero learns to control it, but is altered in the proces, getting high on power and taking revenge on the Earthlings

- at the end he tries to attack some Earthian space station of sort, raged at the loss of his loved one, but than gets killed by the Martians, who fear Earth would use the incident as an excuse to retaliate in force against Mars

that's all I really remember, it's been years since I saw it