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17-12-2007, 18:50
The title says it all really - I've finally decided to get, sometime after Christmas, one of the two new consoles. However I'm a bit stuck on which to get.

At the moment I am leaning towards the PS3. Two of the games I am most looking forward to (Gran Turismo 5 and Metal Gear Solid 4) are, as far as I know, version exclusive to the PS3. There is also the better processor in the core (although I have heard it is harder to develop for, so only the better game companies can dedicate the resources to design games to take full advantage). It doesn't have problems with the red ring of doom (I know Microsoft will replace it, but it would still be a pain) and uses what I consider to be the better high definition format (blu-ray). Aesthetically I prefer the look of the PS3, and the fact that whilst it's inferior online play is free really attracts me - however reasonable Xbox live is, I am very much against having to subscribe to something when I have already paid 300 for the console. I also far prefer the PS3 controller to that of the 360 :p

However, you then have the 360. It has Xbox live, which although is subscription based is better (so I've heard) than the PS3 online version. There are also reports that I've heard which say that despite not having the Core the 360 can generate better graphics than the PS3 (although I wonder how noticeable that would be). The 360 is cheaper (although not a huge amount cheaper than the 40gb PS3 anymore), but from what I've seen perephrials are more expensive for it. It also has a larger range of good games, but by the time I expect to be able to get one of the two there will be a large amount of good games out for both (as far as I know).

I'm especially interested in the opinions of people who own PS3s - I've read an large amount of reviews from 360 owners (often containing a lot of PS3 bashing), but not much from the other side.

Thanks in advance for any help,


Inquisitor Engel
17-12-2007, 20:23
I did own a PS3 and got rid of it because all I used it for was a Blu-Ray player and it doesn't work with universal remotes (Bluetooth only, no IR).

I checked heavily into this decision and the only game slated to come out within the next year that I actually wanted was MGS4, which to be perfectly honest, is costing so much I doubt Kojima Industries can have it afford to stay single platform for more than a year given the PS3's woefully small install base.

The 360 has more games and better games. It has better online services (If you can't afford the $60 a year you probably shouldn't be buying the console in the first place) and significantly better product support.

If you PS3 malfunctions in anyway way, Sony is apt to say "You did it." DUST accumulating in the system, is considered neglect and voids the manufacurer's warranty. That doesn't sound like anything I want to deal with.

The controller is outdated, formless and clunky and its defenders are too wrapped up in the comforting familiarity of it to see the light of day. If I walked into a LAN party with an old ball-mouse with nothing but two buttons, I'd be a laughing stock because I brought technology from 1998.

Guess what the PS3 is doing?

Go 360. RRoD is a minor inconvenience and, from what I hear, not nearly as widespread as the loudmouths on the internet would have you think.

The Orange
17-12-2007, 20:39
360 owner, and I'm happy with it. If your looking for GT and MGS then you should probably stick with the PS3, but I'm not really a fan of either of those and TBH I haven't seen much of anything else on the PS3's horizon other then maybe HAZE. The 360 game library, however, has been really shining IMO so I'm as happy as a clam in a shell.

I've had my 360 for about a year and have had no real sign of the RRoD popping on me, and by now MS has already done quite a few changes to take care of that issue (which is probably a bit overblown). That and now the 360s have HDMI connections. I missed out on the HDMI connectors but then I got a really good deal on my 360 so I don't really care that much (I still payed less then the current lowered MSRP :p).

As for tech, the 360 has a triple core, and IIRC some revolutionary memory system that at least gives it some sort of edge against the PS3.
maybe this article will give you a better sense of the strengths of both systems technologically. But IMO it comes down to the games at the end anyways.

If your really leaning towards the PS3 I'd probably wait to purchase it and hold out for some really good deals to pop up. You never know when you'll find a gem of a deal (like I did with my 360 ($100 off). FYI, I think my uncle got $100 of his PS3 for signing up for a Sony credit card, might want to look into that.

17-12-2007, 20:51
Ive got both and i have to say that i prefer the 360, the ps3 is seriously lacking in something, there was just no effort put into it, they made a machine that they thought people would buy just because they had a ps2. Im in agreement with the previous poster. MGS will be on 360, it will be like virtua fighter, they just wont make up the cost on the ps3, and transition between GT and PGR is nothing.

Stella Cadente
17-12-2007, 21:10
more games for 360 (especially 360 ONLY titles)
well known online system
cheaper console and games (most important)
there the 3 most important things to me when I made a decision

Gue'la Koholic
17-12-2007, 22:41
The Microsoft "triple core" isn't better then the core processor or cell processor or whatever Sony is calling that thing. The Sony approach to the processor is better, and that's why it's harder to develop for. The 360 is using last year's processor. The revolutionary thing in the 360 is the way the GPU and shader are handled. But internal specs matter only to nerds like me, and the real argument lies in gaming.

I love my PS3. I would love to see it smash the 360. I am very biased against Microsoft. And I play my 360 way more. Right now, it's the better console. A year from now? I think Sony's main issue is the lack of quality games. Xbox Live is great, but you do have to pay for it. But the 360 has a year's head start on games. I'll say this about the two. The only game I've played on both is Assassin's Creed, which I thoroughly hate, but that's neither here nor there. Graphically, they're equal. The PS3 was at about a fourth of the decibel level while playing. There's also a few bits of stuttering on the PS3 when you really kick the processing up. But considering that I read that Ubisoft, the evil responsible for Assassin's Creed, gave the PS3 version barely a thought, and did nothing to really utilize all the power that behemoth has, I'd give the PS3 a few bonus points for it.

Basically, it boils down to this. Are you looking to get the good games right now and start playing? Or, are you willing to wait a little bit until Sony finally gets some game support? It's a personal choice. But, there's only one system that God of War 3 will be released for. The prospect of that game alone drove me to get a PS3.

18-12-2007, 01:37
XBox 360 dose have the superior game selection, and is cheaper than the PS3 by a larger margin(if you buy the core system), but is unreliable in the long run. I'm now on my second 360, due to the processor overheating from the first one. Even with all the precautions, I still managed to get the Red Ring of Death. The XBox 360 has a processor that is too sensitive and fragile to give it the staying power that we expect in gaming consoles. If they fix this problem, they'ed attract more consumers.

A lot of people who are put off by microsoft's XBox 360 often get a Playstation 3. Sony has come down on price, if only a little, but if the PS3 is anything like it's forebearers, then the price is more than justified. Because I would rather spend a little extra for a system that has staying power, than one that needs to be replaced annually.

18-12-2007, 01:42
Sony lacks its "killer" games.
Like metal gear solid and gran tourismo 5.

That and its been out a year less and the price hasnt been able to drop much.
If you want MGS4 or GT5 then you need a PS3 as neither of those will make their way to the 360(okay maybe MGS4 but in like 3 years time minimum).

Im still waiting for decent PS3 games to be honest.

18-12-2007, 05:10
I for one wouldn't buy the PS3 yet as GT5 is not out and even when it does come out one game does not make me want to buy a console that is overpriced compared to the competition.

The RRoD in the 360 was/is only 1 in 3 of the release machines afaik so it's not as widespread as most people think - yes there are some scare stories around but there mostly due to overreaction.

I agree with you (Norminator) on the paying for online gaming point but when you look at the PS3 title list you can't really see any games worthy of online gaming imo. And before anyone says it - I don't play Halo 3, I've recently been online to play Forza 2 but my Vodafone Mobile Connect USB modem I use has strict NAT settings so I only get a game I can enter now and then, I can do everything all the time apart from racing, because I have difficulty joining a game :( And yes I know I should get a fixed line broadband service with a decent router but I take my laptop everywhere I go and I don't have a desktop PC, hence the reason I use a VMC USB modem.

So after my 1 months free gold membership expires I'll probably not bother with the online aspects of gaming, well for Forza 2 anyway, my other online capable game I have, SvR 08, is a pos - I'm not even playing that offline and I love wrestling games...

Now if the 360 or PS3 had an online RPG in the vein of Oblivion or perhaps even WoW (not that I actually have ever played WoW - it's expensive compared to xbox live afaik but I'd to play something similar via Live if I could) that'd make the online gaming aspect worth it - even if Xbox Live gold is 5 per month. O'course they may well have something like that out but if they do I'm not aware of them.

18-12-2007, 05:28
If you are going to get a PS3 wait for dualshock 3 to come out, if its not out right now. Since I've bought the PS3, the firmware has been updated alot adding lots of new features. It also is supposed to have a 10 year plan of support from Sony.

Inquisitor Engel
18-12-2007, 07:52
To be perfectly honest, unless you've had or own both systems (as I have) and are actually recommending one, you're just blasting fanboy arguments to someone looking for actual, objective advice.

The best advice I can give is to go and look at the games you want and what you WANT to play. Can you live without MGS for a little while? can you deal with Forza 2 instead of Gran Tourismo 4? (IMHO opinion, Forza is a better ROUNDED racing game, but I digress)

Take a good look at WHEN these games will be released as well, if you're buying the system for MGS, you might be waiting a while - MGS games are notorious for being delayed, so you might be sans game system for a while, or you might not.

RomanCommander does have a point - games without rumble are odd. Very odd. Since the N64 it's something gamers have gotten used to. I played through Resistance: Fall of Man three times and it's just odd. No amount of Klipsch Sub12 Subwoofer base can bring the action of explosions to your hands quite like a subtly shaking controller - the 360 has it, the PS3 doesn't.

If you ARE going to get a PS3, wait for the Dualshock 3 (though my original point about the Dualshock itself remains) but if you decide pick up the 360, you've got a great controller with some of the best rumble around.

Ultimately though, it comes down to one thing: EXCLUSIVE Games.

If you want Halo, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Gears of War, Eternal Sonata, Ace Combat 6, Splinter Cell and the downloadable expansion episodes for GTAIV, then get a 360.

Unfortunately, Sony's list of exclusives is a little slimmer and lacks the quality at this time. Heavenly Sword and Warhawk are REALLY the only ones that spring to mind, one of which is online only (but quite fun) and the other is... well, Heavenly Sword might tide you over until God of War III comes out... (Because it's a shorter game with the same mechanics. And a girly Kratos.)

With that said, Gran Tourismo, Final Fantasy, Killzone, Ratchet and Clank, and Jak and Daxter are excellent games (but, interestingly, franchises, rather than original IP's like some of the 360 list) and are well worth playing, perhaps even buying a system for, but they're not games I'm a giant fan of, so it just wasn't for me.

I will not put MGS4 on the Sony exclusives list, MGS was remade for the Gamecube and II was released for the original Xbox as well, and that was with the PS2's impossibly huge install base as well. The PS3's small install base and the cost of MGS4 means that it's almost certainty that it WILL be released for the 360 AT SOME POINT. (What can I say, I live in hope.)

Look at the games. Don't consider processor speed, failure rates, controller options, ANYTHING ELSE, AT ALL. It's a video game system, not a DVD player, not a Blu-Ray player or HD-DVD player (although they're nice perks, respectively) that's not what they are. They're game systems. Treat them as such.

Also - do you have an HDTV? Surround Sound?

Gue'la Koholic
18-12-2007, 16:20
I think it's not just games, but actual game types the more I think about it. If you want a first person shooter, get an xbox. It's glutted with them. Although, I read that Bioshock may get a PS3 port(by the way, Bioshock is THE best FPS out there right now, by far). If like adventure games, then you should go with the PS3. Heavenly Sword is still one of my favorite games, and the only flaw in it was the length.

Also, the old PS3 controller is great for everything but FPS. After playing Halo for so long, I can't stand any other controls. Too bad that sixaxis controller gimmick is horrid.

Plus, the xbox HD player still runs near $200. The PS3 is the blu-ray built in.

18-12-2007, 16:41
Also bear in mind that MGS is a time-limited exclusive, and as such will be coming out on other platforms later as the others (bar 3) have. Haze, too, is time limited as an exclusive.

I find it quite hard to recommend the PS3 as it stands, to be honest. There's very little it can offer that the 360 can't trump bar BluRay support. I recommend actually trying both, and seeing what controller is most comfy, as well as seeing how the menus grab you (some people hate the XMB and prefer the blade system, and vice versa). Also, bear in mind a lot of multiplatform games are a lot rougher on PS3 (Assassins Creed, for example, and Orange Box) due to bad ports, which hopefully is a dying issue.

Both systems have many pros and cons, and it's a matter of seeing which irk and impress you the most. Personally, as someone who owns a 360 and a Wii, I've not really got any need for a PS3.

20-12-2007, 09:56
What does each console come with? I've heard some things about needing to buy HD cables for them as well, but I'm not entirely sure what is needed for them to fulfill their maximum use.

20-12-2007, 10:12
First, I'm going to say I do own both a 360 and a PS3 (and a Wii, for what it's worth, everyone in our family are pretty big gamers), so this should hopefully be as unbiased as I can make it.

To me, the PS3 is...awkward. It does not have a niche in the market that isn't already filled. You have your Wii for simpler, more casual gaming and 'oddities'. And your 360 for the more (oh, how I hate this phrase) 'hardcore' gaming with Live, it's vastly superior games catalogue, and large number of FPS's and other action/shooting games. The PS3 doesn't seem to offer anything that either the 360 or the Wii does, and I argued against the family getting one for that reason. But they wanted a PS3, so we got one, and I played it.

For a while. As soon as I finished Resistance: Call of Man, I've not looked at the thing. And beyond the others playing a little of some racing game the console came with, neither did any of the others. We picked up Heavenly Sword cheap second-hand, but I've not had the motivation to try it out. So the console is, for the moment, sitting gathering dust until I get the new Ratchet and Clank game for Christmas; and when that's finished, I don't doubt that the console will go back to being ignored.

There's also the Sixaxis (or hower you spell it) controler. The thing just feels awkward, too light and the wrong shape; it's better than the Wii's control method IMO (I don't get on with the Wii at all in general) but inferior to the 360 pad which to me just feels right. Having one of the sticks more forward than the other is just more comfortable, I think, and the 360 pad's triggers are better. The motion-sensory stuff on the PS3 pad doesn't work too well either.

As for hardware, I'll openly admit that I don't know much, I'm pretty hopeless when it comes to that sort of thing. The PS3 graphics do look nicer, but it was only noticable after we finally got the High Definition gubbins sorted out. Blue-Ray in my mind is a pointless gimmick that's going to be forgotten as it doesn't offer enough of a diffrence for the increase in cost.

I dunno. The PS3 might perk up once some actual decent games start showing up for it. But at the moment, the 'exclusives' that really matter will show up on other consoles eventually, it's Online is lacking, the controler isn't right, the games are mostly lacklustre...I want to like the PS3, but I have a hard job thinking of any reason to reccomend one over the 360.

EDIT: Red Ring o' death. Yea, I did get it, and we had to send the console off for replacement. We got it back within just over a week, IIRC, and it's not acted up since. Beyond occasionally crashing when playing Oblivion, that's the only technical trouble my 360's given me. Albeit the PS3 hasn't acted up at all, so I suppose that's one rather slim reason for the PS3 over the 360.

Oh, and for what it's worth, I would take the PS3 over the Wii. Can't stand that silly thing and it's control method.

22-12-2007, 19:58
Yeah, my RROD just resturned; it's a launch machine so it did 2 years, and it's come back in just over a week, quieter and more subdued...

Inquisitor Engel
22-12-2007, 22:08
What does each console come with? I've heard some things about needing to buy HD cables for them as well, but I'm not entirely sure what is needed for them to fulfill their maximum use.

360 Elite comes with HDMI cable (All HD resolutions) and the dongle to do Surround Sound to a receiver that doesn't process audio over HDMI. Also comes with component (up to 1080p, but only if you TV accepts it - most don't. 720p/1080i/480p) Component cables have composite audio, video and a Optical SPDIF port.

360 Pro comes with an HDMI port, but no cable. Does include the same set of component as the Elite. DOES NOT come with the dongle for surround sound when using HDMI.

Arcade comes with HDMI port, but only compite video, so only 480i (standard def).

Playstation 3 comes with HDMI port (all versions) and an on-board optical SPDIF port (360 has it on a different portion of the chipset, so needs the dongle) but NO PS3 version comes with any component of HDMI, which means if you want HD from a PS3 at all, tack on another $50 or so for a half decent cable. (Or $15-25 if you're not doing audio and 1080p)

The PS3 also cannot sent Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD Master Audio via PCM, it can only extract the core, lossy audio tracks, so unless you have a receiver that decodes either of the above (and unless you spent over $1,000 and bought it within the past 6 months, you don't) it's useless for a decent Blu-Ray player in terms of audio quality, but then again, I'm anal. :)

23-12-2007, 00:22
If you want MGS4, get the PS3... It may or may not come to the 360, you know for sure that it will be on the PS3. Even if it does make it's way to the 360 you have no guarantee of it's quality, MGS2 for the Xbox is terrible.

If MGS4 isn't that important to you then I'd go 360. I'm personally going PS3 because MGS4 is the only game I care about.

23-12-2007, 03:45
I got the red ring. and i did what i always do to bad behaving electronics. unplugged the damn thing. re plugged, turned it on again, and it worked fine. haven't had trouble since.

23-12-2007, 04:37
Well, if your looking at it for mostly single player games (or games where the other person is sitting in the same room as you), and you like the PS3 controles, and you like the PS3 look, and you're really really really looking forward to a good number of games that will only come out on the PS3... I'm fairly certain that the PS3 is the system for you.

I, personaly, have a 360. I love the 360 controls (I'm even one of the few that absolutly loved the giant black monsters that came with the original xbox... the "duke" control as it's come to be known), and I absolutly hate the playstation controles (they make my hands hurt and contort them at unnatural angles, the 360 ones are nice and ergonomic).

The graphics differences are really pretty negligable. While every side by side comarison I've ever seen has the 360 with better graphics, the differences happen on a scale so small it's basicaly no difference (a 360 building is liable to have a clearly defined system of vines with different colors and textures growing up it, while a PS3 building will have the same vine system, but rely more heavily on shadow and "blur" to get the same point across. No real difference unless you like stopping in the middle of a game to stare at a wall ;)).

If you plan to do real online multiplayer though, you're probably going to have a more rewarding experience with the 360. Even the flag ship multiplayer games that PS3 has often touted as being plauged by some pretty bad connection problems. The only thing I've ever had trouble with on the 360 was crackdown in multiplayer, and that's becuase it works on a direct connection between two systsems.

I also picked the 360 because... as far as I can tell, the people at xbox have never blatantly lied to me. I know there have been a couple of times were the "powers that be" at Sony have just spun complete PR bull to try and make things seem like they have the proper sheen. (the crud about the six axis control not being compatible with rumble features, how sony will blatantly control a "fan run" web page and be down right hatefull to the other two platforms). I've just yet to come across the same type of stuff from Microsoft (even though they are technicaly an evil empire, last time I checked:cool:) Everytime something has ended up screwed up with the xbox... microsoft has tried to fix it (red ring of death as an example).

I've had my 360 for about a year and have had no real sign of the RRoD popping on me, and by now MS has already done quite a few changes to take care of that issue (which is probably a bit overblown).

Hehe, as much as I love my 360, no, it's not overblown. I worked at a UPS store, and it was an odd day if we didn't get an xbox going back for red ring of death repair.

24-12-2007, 18:30
I swear by my PS3.

There is one problem with it though - a lot of its amazing features are a bit hidden and you sort of have ot go looking for them.

One of the best IMO is the PS3 to PSP connectivity - things like streaming videos off your ps3 to your psp as long as you are in a wifi hotspot. IIRC you can do soemthing similar with games also.

There are also hundreds of homemade themes and wallpapers for the system if you do a quick googling.

Not to mention its media capabilites (circa latest firmware) and other such gubbins.

Games wise - it coems down to opinion, some people think that 360 has "better" games because they may like FPs's / whatever, but I do not.

With games like uncharted, ratchet and clank,motorstorm,resistance,heavenly sword, folklore etc IMO the ps3 has a very well rounded game base - not favouring one genre over any other and thats the killer for me.

As for PS3 online - easily LIVE is better but its very limited ot what can be done with it due to MS's iron fist ruling. There are pros/cons to this but as far as I can tell i've never had any real problems with online games because of the way it works.

A nice subtle think is the playstation store is region divided - depending on which region your playstaion network account (psn) was created in. I have a euro account (my primary as i'm english) but if I get the urge to go download some obscure (to me) japanese music video I log onto my japanese psn acc and get anything I want from their store. This is a major plus if you jsut cannot wait or like to play a lot of imports.

As for HD cables, they are like what? 15 for a homebrand name from GAME.

The PS3 is dead easy to set up and mess around with - if I had a decent set up I would have my audio going over an optical cable to a stereo system and keep my video over HDMI.

As for backwards compatability here are the facts (as many have spread wrong information).

The 60-80 gig consoles have the best backwards compatability you can get in europe which is not PS2 CPU but it does have the GPU (or the other way round - it doesn't matter) which giveas around 90% compatability with ps2 games.

The 40 gig officially doesn't play any ps2 games (but still ps1 as thats entirely software emulation and has been for every ps3 ever).

The PS3 hard drive is easily repalceable (hell it even tells you how to do it in the manual ot the console) and will accept jsut about any SATA laptop drive. Though I have heard drives over 5400rpm can cause heat issues (but do not take that as fact).

In conclucion is a very very solid console and its jsut as good as any other though I love it simply to the approach sony are taking for its updates and the "exclusive" games due out/are out for it appeal to me over what the 360/wii have/has.

27-12-2007, 11:41
I like my 360. I did buy it when the price difference was larger though.

It depends on what you want from the console. I love FPS's, so i play halo 3 and CoD 4 online. Xbox live is better than ps3 online for online play, but you have to pay for it.

Most of my friends had 360's, so i could play then online. If i got a ps3 there is only one person i know that has it.