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18-12-2007, 00:56
I am pretty new to the fantasy world and have had a few games with my lizardmen. I have been testing out a lot of the models that I like and I am stumped as to whether I should use my Saurus cav or not. 35 pts per models with the command being very expensive and with only a 3+ save is not very appealing to me. I usually take 6 during the games that I have played and they do a decent job when they get into combat, but I ussually lose 2 or 3 of the models before they get into a combat which really hurts their effectiveness. So what are your opinions on the Saurus cav? Should I use them or take something else such as kroxigors who have more wounds and still hit hard? Thank you for your comments.

Defender of Ulthuan
18-12-2007, 01:15
To start off, I would say that the decision is mostly a matter of taste.
Second, try screening them with skinks, you shouldn't be losing that many.

Personally, I am a huge fan of cavalry, and 13 S5 attacks on the charge ranks them among the top Heavy Cavalry in the game, along with Grail Knights, Dragon Princes of Caledor, and Chosen Chaos Knights.

All in all, they are a very good unit, and so are kroxigors/salamanders, but I believe it's just a matter of taste. If their stats/models/fluff appeal to you, take them. If not, take Kroxigors.

Bottom Line: It's all up to you.


18-12-2007, 01:19
Both Kroxigors and saurus cavalry are good in support of your regular saurus units, but saurus cavalry tend to do better on their own while kroxigors usually are better if you have a skink screen and an "anvil unit" which allows them to flank charge. The way you are fielding saurus cavalry however would probably be better off if you dropped the command and simply fielded 5 or 6 alone (comes out to 175 and 210 points respectively) and used them like you would the kroxigors. I only suggest adding command if you plan to use it as a heavier sledgehammer unit with huanchi's magic banner and/or a character.

In a 1000 point game, I tend to switch between either 6 cavalry or 3 kroxigors and a spawning on my warriors depending on my opponent. If they are fielding heavy cavalry that is superior to the saurus calvary (dragon princes, bret knights, chaos knights, empire knights, etc), then Kroxigors usually act well as cavalry killers, especially when they get the flank charge. However if they are fielding a more infantry based or mobile army, the saurus cavalry are the better option for flanking and can function better without the saurus warriors to support them if needed. In 1500 point games and up, I take both 3 Kroxigors and 5 saurus cavalry.

18-12-2007, 01:35
No real need for the champion or the musician.(saves you 27 or 30pts right?)
They are better than kroxigor for taking down infantry.

Taking 2 units is always useful.
Twice the effort required to remove them afterall.

I'de probably stick with kroxigor though, simply as they can charge through the skink screen you'll have, and they hit at st7......

Dead Man Walking
18-12-2007, 02:02
I have seen them used effectively by very few players. Saurus calvary by themselves tend to do well against low end to midrange opponents but high end (Dwarf specials, chaos warriors of any flavor, high elf specials) they will bounce horribly. If you expect them to hold down a flank by themselves then you will probably be very disapointed.

I have seen them used well in two ways.
1. You take the banner which adds d6 movement in the magic phase resulting in a charge with no charge reaction. This is essential for charging riflers and keeping your guys alive. It also helps to hit a flank. The biggest use is against brittonians (if they are not the one charging they are not winning.) and guys who know how to stand 14.3625 inches away.

2. You place an old blood in there on cold one and you place a block of saurus on either side of them. You advance with the saurus and charge with the saurus. Usually the dread of whats incomming upsets most players.

18-12-2007, 05:55
Answer to thread-title-question: YES.

My regular lizard-opponent also fields them. Usually either two units of 5 or a big one of 10. Very scary, and you can loose a few without loosing ploughing-power.

18-12-2007, 07:46
Kroxigor are more cost-effective, but if you (a) like the Saurus Cavalry models, or (b) want to save money by getting the plastics, then go ahead - they're not bad, just a bit too expensive and a bit too susceptible to getting shot up.

Cavalry have a few advantages on paper: they're slightly better at killing cheap infantry, they're less likely to break or panic, they're slightly faster and can pursue 3D6, and they can carry a banner. Conversely, they're Stupid, not as good against armour, and lose effectiveness to casualties much quicker.

If you do run them, then (a) restrict the unit to five or six models only; (b) always give them a magical banner; and (c) don't take a champion.

19-12-2007, 04:50
Give them a war banner. Very annoying, in my experience.

19-12-2007, 05:06
If you are going to take saurus cav, take two units. But the warbanner on one of the units and the Huanichi banner on the other. This way you can keep your opponent on his toes as to which unit has which banner.

I also take Kroxigors too. Str 7 and charging through skinks is great and too good to pass up.

19-12-2007, 05:45
A unit of Saurus Calvary with a hero or commander can take out anything. I killed a khorne general and chosen khorne knights with this unit. I find offensively they are very good, dishing out ton of mid strength attacks. On the other hand they do leave something to be desired defensively and are often target number 1 for enemy missles. I often use one unit with the sun banner (-1 to hit with missles) or Huanichi`s banner.

19-12-2007, 20:59
Forgottenlor: I had the oppossite happen. I charged 5 chaos knights and a lord, with my 10 saurus cav and a hero and bounced right off...

I still favor cav though. I just find them easier to manage. Krox are best in units of 4 and that makes for a unit that is slow when you are trying to get into position as a flanker.

Not to mention that as expensive as cav are, krox are way worse. Being an ogre player I find it hard to pay that many points for an ogre type unit...