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15-04-2005, 16:59
I'm having a game tommorow or the day after tommorow.(Not to sure:p ) My enemy will be VC, probably Von Carsein or BD... He takes lots of skels and possibly a unit of GG. He also likes his etheral units and use those often... I wonder what you think about this army..

Highborn: (BG)
Heart-stone of Darkness
Ring of Darkness
Enchanted Shield
Heavy Armour
Sea Dragon Cloak
= 255

Sorceress: (RxBow)
Darkstar Cloak
= 180

Sorceress: (Alone)
Seal of Ghrond
Tome of Furion
Biting Blade
= 180

Noble: (Corairs)
Black Amulet
Heavy Armour
Sea Dragon Cloak
= 144

20 Corsairs:
War Banner
= 250

16 RxBowmen:
= 176

20 Warriors:
= 185

2 RBT:
= 200

20 Black Guards:
Dread Banner
= 430

I will play defensivly, shooting all I can and hoping for the occasional spell to kill enough of them to be sure to win in CC.The BG will be in the middle, Corsairs and Warriors of to the sides.. Shooty stuff on hills..

So, what say you??

17-04-2005, 00:02
Reminds me of my old lists. I'm now gonna give cold comments from a competitive player point of view, i don't fully stick to it myself but it helps if you do.

Ditch the Lord, he's overpriced and totally not worth it seeing as you don't have any Cold Ones around or such. Get a Noble instead or no 4th character, they're a huge point drain anyway. Ring of Darkness sucks, don't use it. A Repeater Crossbow on a Lord costs 15 points, 4 points more than a whole Warrior with a RXB, see what i'm hinting at?

You need at least one Dispel Scroll, ditch the Tome of Furion so you can take it. You already have 4 spells and only 7 power dice to fuel those.

The Black Amulet also sucks, the halberd too. Get a great weapon instead, or a magic weapon. I'm surprised you have no magic weapons while you tell us your opponent loves fielding ethereals. The Draich of Dark Power would be good, being magical and granting him Killing Blow.

Give the RXB Warriors a musician, those 5 points can really make a difference, i've failed the test rolling a 9 so many times it ain't funny anymore.

The Black Guard take up 21% of your points. Sure, they're Stubborn Ld9 and Immune to Fear, but for those points you can take lots of other stuff that will perform way better. You could get Shades which you can't do without if you're playing defensively, a tooled up Assassin to try and take the General out (4 WS9 Killing Blow attacks means a 33% or better chance to get a KB) or at least more shooty stuff. Hell, for those points you could get 13 Cold One Knights with full command who Cause Fear, have 2 attacks each (rider/cold one), 7" move, 2+ save, higher S on the charge and US26.