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18-12-2007, 13:57
I've been working on a website in order to organize all our league information. It's still being worked on and upgraded but as of now it is operational. So go check it out!


I would like to hear some suggestions for future content. Obviously when I have more time, i'll liven the site up with some better pictures and more content. Also, if anyone would like to help me out, that would be appreciated (would especially like someone better at graphics to make a new banner). I'll be uploading WSFA content tonight.

18-12-2007, 17:08
Excellent work. I was going to do something similar last summer on a webden site.

18-12-2007, 17:21
I really want to get the league organizers involved in the site, in order to bring new and interesting items to the site (and of course lighten the load on me stat crunching). Maybe next, we could get a download section up and running for stunty icons?

18-12-2007, 17:48
I can forward stuff for insertion to the site by e-mail, or you can copy and paste material from the webden site, like the history section, downloads and there was an awards section on that site showing the different awards and what they were for.

18-12-2007, 17:49
cool, ill porbably end up doing that a bit later on today.

Deng Ham
19-12-2007, 14:40
The thing that stroke me first when I saw it. Was that most of it (not all) was already on FUMBBL. So I don't need to looke at that page, to get ekstra info.

What would have been nice.
* Was a good top player chart (auto update).
* A good image database. For icons, awards, league images, special players. And a "how to use- for dummies" section. What html to use.
* A backgroud on coaches. When they joined, how long they have playerd BB and on Fumbbl. What timezone and country they are in. What time that's best for them to play. And other usefull info.

19-12-2007, 15:25
what of course you cant get on fumbbl is all the information on one page and easy accessible. If you want images, drop me the link and i'll put them up. Much the same as background... I don't know you guys so your going to have to tell me.

19-12-2007, 20:59
Coach info would be good. Should we start a thread were everybody posts their info?

19-12-2007, 21:02
Im hesitant to use warseer as the method of collecting information since only a handful of us actually use the forums. Just drop me a PM here, on irc, msn whatever and ill put it on the site.

19-12-2007, 21:54
Evil double post...

I updated the stats to include 3 more catagories.. just testing out the harvester program. TBH its not the greatest thing in the world as it doesnt format the stats into html, which means ive still got to put the time in on my end. However if this is what you guys want, then ill continue playing around with it and get more.

The contact information page is the next thing to be updated, so make sure you reply.

Deng Ham
20-12-2007, 13:37
If it's not automatic. Then it will take a lot of time. in the long run. Even with a cut and paste.

As for the contact info and coach info. I'd sugest we work out waht we want and then people fill in the info. I'm looking for timezone, where we live, what days are good to play, how long we've played BB, how long we've been on fumbbl.

21-12-2007, 08:43
Maybe write the email adresses in a slightly...alternate format? Just to avoid any spam harvesters that might be out there?

Example: ulrikdan at hotmail dot com

21-12-2007, 10:42
okay, will do

22-12-2007, 16:33
Website has seen a big content update. I would recommend checking out the new information and update me on what you guys would like put up there next. Currently I am planning a getting started page and putting more custom icons up (for some reason some icons don't like to load, still working to fix this).

I would still like someone *cough* Tenpole *cough* to make a new banner for the site. My only guidelines are to integrate dark blue into the colors, add a thin strip of dark blue to the top and bottem edges, and the sides to have an exact black border of 1 pixel. The image size is to be 752x210. Someone help me!

22-12-2007, 22:38
Well the Banner picture can be done in time, although the current one is fine IMO. The site is coming along. I would suggest not get it too overcrowded. The statistics are great, the problem with WSFA stats is the basic line-man die so frequently.

15-01-2008, 20:30
When is the full WSFA player awards going to be done, not just tournaments.

Deng Ham
15-01-2008, 21:44
think is nice..

And I found a use for it. A catalog of who won what, when. on top of beeing a place to find icons and other Warseer material