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18-12-2007, 14:55
Just a quick Q about chariots.

If I mount a lord or hero in a chariot and the chariot gets destroyed is he allowed to continue on foot? or does he go with the machine?

just wondering whether its worthwhile, as one smack in the face with a cannon could end in tears. how many of you run heros and lords on wheels?

18-12-2007, 15:22
Page 64 of the BRB fully answers your question- look for the section entitled "Characters & Chariots". ;)

I'm planning on running Korhil on a Lion Chariot... it's a lot of S5+ attacks!

18-12-2007, 15:28
thx, and sry for being lazy.

I am just pondering my setup at work and dont have the book handy.

18-12-2007, 15:30
Well, super-short version: yes, he goes on foot if the chariot is destroyed.

18-12-2007, 15:46
Assuming you have a model to represent him of course, if not he died with the machine :P
(so you really want to have a model handy, as its usually a whole lot easier to kill a chariot than the rider)

19-12-2007, 08:30
I was just thinking of a possible alternative, I have a Boss on foot that normally attaches to a large regiment of orcs or a moderate unit of B/Orcs.

problem is he gets too much attention and as a result I often lose half the unit before thhey become effective. So i wanted to try and run him in a chariot, possibly making that the target of choice and buying time for my larger units to get up close and personal.

Im going to give it a go.