View Full Version : nVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 graphics card update need help

19-09-2005, 16:36
ok so ive got a nVIDIA GeForce FX 5200. please give me a link/ tell me what website i can update it on and were it is on the website. i need it to run patch 1.4 for dawn of war :D

19-09-2005, 17:54
*bump* Please Reply

19-09-2005, 18:33
come on please i really truely do need help :cries: :cries: :cries:

Zark the Damned
19-09-2005, 19:08
Did you try google already?


First result has a link to a bunch of patches and drivers.

nVIDIA probably has it on their own site too.

19-09-2005, 19:08
Its rather straightforward on nvidia's own site. Go to download drivers, and go your way from there. It may even work if you select "Update driver" from the graphics card properties.

19-09-2005, 19:29
i want it for dawn of war 1.4 should i download it for games utilities and tools or graphics driver?

23-09-2005, 19:57
Alright, goto the nVidia site, choose - Graphics driver - Geforce and TNT2 - (then choose your operating system) - and you're good to go!

*edit* Did you get it installed ok?