View Full Version : Brandon Sanderson to complete Wheel of Time

19-12-2007, 18:31
I just picked this up through Pop Candy (http://sev.prnewswire.com/books/20071211/NYTU01911122007-1.html).

I've never read the series myself, but I know there are fans here who might be interested to know. Here's hoping you guys get a good book.

19-12-2007, 19:31
I have read Elantris, and has a huge fan of Jordan's I think Sanderson will do a very good job.

19-12-2007, 21:09
I think that Sanderson will do a good book, though after so much its a shame its not going to be Jordan.

Nephilim of Sin
19-12-2007, 21:21
No way!!! I had not heard about this at all. He was a wonderful writer, even if the series became bogged down in minute details. This saddens me greatly. I just hope this does not go down the path of 'greats' ruining the established imagery, Ala Spielberg/Kubrick and 'A.I.'. I also wonder how much of a backlash dissatisfied fans will have if they do not like the book (Well, if Jordan had done it....etc. etc.).

Thank you for this find, as sad as it.