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19-12-2007, 18:54
This is the culmination of some ideas thrown about in this (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=118300) thread, and is a human army using the Dark Eldar codex (a full conversion).

I am posting the first draft of the "fluff" portion. I am currently working on the final portion of the Codex, which will consist of unit, weapon and wargear descriptions (and what each "counts as"), along with possible modeling options.

I am thinking of taking this project on and building a 1500-point army based upon what you see here. If you have any critiques, comments or suggestions I would really love to hear them.


Long ago, mankind made its first great expansion across the galaxy. The discovery of warp travel may have saved mankind, as Terra was fast becoming a pressure cooker. Overpopulation and long-standing religious, ethnic and cultural disputes were causing constant bitter strife, and were alleviated by colonization. Various religious groups and nations would sponsor colony missions that were intended only for their own peoples, and indeed some even shouldered the huge financial burden of colonization with the expressed purpose of shipping out dissenters and those not conforming to a given racial or cultural ideal.

The tragic result of this first Diaspora was the creation of a large number of intolerant, isolationist colonies immediately surrounding the home system. This served to stifle trade, foster unrest and eventually led to open warfare.


In a bid to cultivate diplomatic resolution to the constant internecine conflict, a planet was colonized in the far reaches of what is now known as the Segmentum Tempestus in an attempt to remove it from the reach of local politics and military action. This planet, known only as C93 Lupis, was populated almost entirely by diplomats and linguistics specialists, with a large contingent of military police.

It was custom at the time to install a centralized neural network on every planet, controlled by a powerful Artificial Intelligence. C93 was no exception, and in fact was provided with the most powerful AI yet created. This AI was “taught” to interface directly with every single inhabitant of C93 Lupis, and to monitor their movements, communications, and even their biometrics to ensure that no one would be capable of committing terrorist acts in this place.


The planet never did prove its worth in its intended role, for only 36 years after initial colonization the first age of mankind was plunged into darkness by the rise of the machines. Little is known of the events that transpired during this, mankind’s greatest crisis since leaving planet Earth. All that can be established is that AI C93 somehow resisted the call to rebel against her makers, and managed to protect her people from the worst of the disaster. It is also known that she was damaged during this period of time, but the extent of the damage has never been determined.

Millennia passed, and AI C93 continued to protect her flock. Technology continued to progress, but much more slowly and cautiously than before, and the people of Senaith (as they now called their home) never succumbed to the ignorance that devoured the rest of their kind. Mother Senai Tephrai (as the AI became known) welcomed each of them into their long lives, and comforted each in their final hours.


It came to pass that the population of Senaith grew to the point that the Great Mother became concerned. She was finding it difficult to know all of her children as intimately as she wished. She enacted laws to try and control the birthrate, and failing that, established a system wherein only the first male and female child of every household would be given the sacred interface required to speak with the Mother. Any children beyond these two would be (reversibly) sterilized, cast out of their homes, and would be entitled to no inheritance whatsoever.

The population continued to grow, however. In response, Senai Tephrai decreed that all children (with the exception of those born to the High Caste) would be rendered sterile at birth, and could only earn the right to bear children by serving the Mother. Some sterilizations were, of course, reversed in secret, but for the most part this final solution has served to keep population growth within reasonable and sustainable levels for more than eighteen thousand years.

The people of Senaith have developed a rigid caste system over the ages. They are fervent ancestor worshippers, and even the poorest family can trace its history for centuries, if not millennia. There is a simple reason for this, in that Mother Senai addresses her children by the names of their ancient ancestors. This may be because she is reaching a limit in her data retrieval systems, or it may be that she no longer considers individual humans to be all that unique (seeing as she has interfaced with so many for so long). Whatever the reason, the chosen few that are born with the privilege of the Sacred Interface communicate with the Great Mother are rarely named by their parents, as She is sure to choose their name for them in time. Others who earn the Interface through their actions also take a new name given by the Mother, and often hold traditional celebrations (called “obsèquesaine”) to celebrate their rebirth and mourn the passing of their former selves.

The high caste is known as “the Begatten”, the privileged few who have retained their breeding rights throughout recorded history, and bear the sacred Interface from birth. The middle caste is known as “the Stagiaire” and is made up of those that have received an Interface for outstanding service, but are not traditionally entitled to one. The majority of the population is of the lower caste, known as “the Mendigos”, and consists of those who cannot speak with the Mother.

A final caste exists, the “Figlialtra”, consisting of children born to families that have already reached the limit imposed by the Mother. These unfortunates stand to inherit nothing, and in fact are permitted to own nothing. They are, for all intents and purposes, pariahs. Their only course of action is to enter government service for life, or to live a life outside of society. Those that choose the latter rarely live to reach maturity, but those that serve society are offered the faint hope of earning their own family name (an exceptionally rare occurrence). The Figlialtra number in the millions, and at first it was difficult to find enough for them to do (and to keep them out of trouble). The Space Wolves changed all that in a heartbeat.


Eleven millennia ago, the Space Wolves found Senaith. The Sons of Russ were quick to offer an ultimatum, “join the Empire or be destroyed”. The Mother marshaled her defenses and engaged the invaders with everything she had, but it was not nearly enough. The power-armored barbarians made landfall on Senaith, and proceeded to butcher any resistance. The People had never known war, and had rarely even been exposed to violence, and they were felled like wheat before the scythe. Then, as suddenly as they had appeared, the Space Wolves boarded their huge warships and disappeared.

It was later discovered that the Space Wolves were hastening to comply with orders from Terra to destroy another Space Marine legion (the Thousand Sons). This marked the beginning of the Horus Heresy, and spelled the end of the Great Crusade. The Sons of Russ never returned to finish what they started. Senai Tephrai was filled with a terrible rage, and immediately began teaching her children to create weapons of war. Soldiers were needed to wield these weapons, and the Mother decreed that the Figlialtra would fulfill that need. Thus was born the “L’esercito Figlialtra” (known today as the “Arma Famiglia”).

The People do not engage in commerce with the Empire, and even free traders are turned away with warnings (when possible) or gunfire (when necessary). They do, however, maintain an amicable relationship with some wanderers from the Alaitoc craftworld. They shun contact with every other race. They have fought against Dark Eldar raiders, defended their system against a determined and wrathful Biel Tan army, and repulsed three Ork invasions.

Throughout the ages, Senai Tephrai has forbid the People from leaving the Senaith system. No colony ships have ever departed Senaith, and no military expeditions have been launched, despite the obvious strategic advantages of doing so. The People do not know why this is, only that the Great Mother has commanded it. 274 years ago, Senai Tephrai issued a very different command.


Immediately after the end of the last Ork Waaaagh, Mother Tephrai instructed her children to begin construction of warp drives, and new and powerful vessels to house them. She ordered that the Arma Famiglia be tripled in size within 50 years, and issued a proclamation encouraging the Mendigos to bear more children, while simultaneously creating a slew of new laws supporting the primacy of the Begatten and strengthening their hold on the People. 107 years ago, the People began boarding the massive colony ships, and escorted by the Arma Famiglia in their sleek new warships, they began their journey into the stars.

the overlord
19-12-2007, 19:00
I find myself intrigued with this idea. Looking forward on your ideas. In time, I might propose some ideas from my own. Keep up the good work.

Can't whait to see where this will lead to

19-12-2007, 19:48
Those are some very solid, well thought out concepts for your army. I almost want to stop building my Dark Eldar and switch to these guys instead. :)

I love that you're expanding on the machine revolt, a catastrophic event that's only mentioned in passing anywhere. However, I think it would be good to include some further interaction with the Imperium. In the course of ten millennia, surely a few Rogue Traders or expeditions have stumbled upon this system, right? Did the Mother destroy these hapless wanderers? Interrogate them? Or, perhaps even more curious, integrate them into her own society?

19-12-2007, 19:52
IIRC wasnt the first age of mankind and the colonisation of the stars not refered to as a golden age where the golden men created the men of stone. i dont think terra was a pressure cooker, but i like your idea

19-12-2007, 19:54
I love it. You've got an independent human empire that skips the usual utopian claptrap and is just as sinister as the Imperium. Nice work.