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19-09-2005, 20:26
Hi all,

I have thought about doing a wood elf list ever since I caught sight of those beautiful lord models. So here it is, it's all elf (apart from the odd eagle) and is for a tournement. TBH I'm not looking to make the all powerful list, I just want one I can have fun with that tactically challenging. so here we go!


Noble - 104pts
Waywatcher kindred, additional hand weapon (haven't had a real look at items, suggestions welcome)

Spellsinger - 140pts
2 dispell scolls (I know, bad scroll caddy but if anyone can suggest better use of her)

Noble - 151pts
Great eagle, spear, light armour, shield, helm of the hunt


12x Glade guard - 144pts

11x glade guard - 132pts

6x scouts - 102pts

6x scouts - 102pts


8x wardancers - 151pts

4x warhawk riders - 160pts

3x warhawk riders - 120pts


8x waywatchers - 192pts

The waywatcher noble goes with the waywatchers who will look for the most expensive unit/ warmachine/lone mage. The eagles will fly about causing havoc while hit and running and taking out mages and warmachines. The scouts also cause havoc getting in close and block marching and firing away while the blocks of glade guard fire. The wardancers will manouver to get into combat, preferablle double teaming people with riders.

So tell me what you think. should I scrap it now or do you think I have something to build upon?

Peace out

20-09-2005, 02:09
For a Waywatcher Noble the fun things to consider are:
Hail of Doom Arrow - Reasons are fairly obvious.
Terror Spite thingy - It takes up his full points alotment, but being able to start the game in the middle of the enemy army on turn one causing terror is always a nice thing. It'll be 50 points wasted against immune to psychology armies, but is very nice for harassment against most armies.
D6 Extra shots Spite - He will be starting out up close, this will allow him to shred warmachines, independent mages, and small regiments.
D6 Extra attacks Spite - Same reason as above although makes him a little more versitile if he is to remain with the Waywatchers (makes them a pretty good close combat regiment as long as you aren't fighting huge regiments).

I'd like to see some Glade Riders (Fast Cavalry that can march and shoot with no penalties for moving . . .) instead of warhawks myself just for some more flexibility (and I like the models more!).

I'd also consider dropping the scouts down to 5 strong to get some points to bulk the wardancers up to 10 strong. They are your big threatening close combat regiment. Since you have no eternal guard at all to provide some solid combat resolution, you will probably want a few more of these guys.

20-09-2005, 17:41
Can you tell me what you are planning on using the warhawk riders for, IMO I feel that their point cost is way too much for what they are capable of. I can see your list is more avoidance and point denial which is how a good wood elf lives to see another fight, but I think you could benifit more by dropping the Warhawks and taking a little more of a punch.

If you want to stay all elves, why not eternal guard, the models arent out yet but man are they gorgeous and can they dish out the pain. Or more wardancers, they could march block as well as deal with the fast stuff that would hurt your main battle line.

just my .02

20-09-2005, 18:59
Well I am looking to do a more scouting force opposed to a block infantry (I get enough of that with my dark elves). When I was making the list the riders did seem rather expensive...

How about if I drop the eagles completely and making the wardancers 10 strong leaving me with 244pts.

Can wild riders work well without a lot of support? I was thinking about this kind of unit or what about the eternal guard, can they do well without them being 29-odd strong? I could take a small unit of there (as long as their effective for their size and drop the noble eagle and put him in that unit while changing his gear abit.

So can someone reccomend a unit/couple of units that would go well in this arym for 244pts


Peace out

20-09-2005, 21:25
I like the wild rider idea and put the noble on a great stag. That would be a great counter unit to hit those you have whittled down from fire. Fast Cav, always fits in a scouting force as well to go along with your theme.