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20-12-2007, 10:58
Hi, I've decided to move my stuff into general projects since I'm sort of pushing the fantasy boundaries a bit and with me doing more warmachine and possibly a bit more 40k this might be more fitting.
So first off, I'm doing a saphery army, for which I've managed to procure 50 swordmasters from various mates and some I had myself. I need 10 more if anyone is up for it! The army will roughly consist of:
20 sword masters (full command) DONE
20 sword masters (full command) DONE
20 sword masters (full command)
20 spearmen (full command) DONE
20 spearmen (full command)
12 archers DONE
12 archers DONE
2 mages on foot DONE
dragon mage DONE
prince with white sword DONE
bolt thrower DONE

Some of the units are sort of done as I have 8000pts of high elves, for instance 30 swordmasters are finished, both units of archers are done but I intend on making an armoured unit. The spearment are all done but they were painted a while ago and need a rework. Everything else is somewhere near apart from the final swordmaster regiment.

20-12-2007, 10:59
So, on with the show, the first 30 swordmasters:



Honest it's not the same unit! I'm having banners made for me to paint up by a guy at my local games club to differentiate the units.
Next my first mage:



20-12-2007, 11:01
Ok, next my two fav models in the army, the floaty mage, who I converted with an archer hand to be pointing:



and my dragon mage which I finished at the weekend, he was a joy to paint and I'm gonna get another and do it as a prince....with a lot of conversion work.



20-12-2007, 11:03
Lastly my prince, I'll sort out some archer, bolt thrower and spearmen pics when I can.


20-12-2007, 12:01
Really nice!

I've been silently following your chaos log, but upon seeing these miniatures, I had to express myself..I think that when you're done, your army will look perfect. I am sold on the turquoise robes, as well as on the fire-coloured Dragon!

Keep them coming!

21-12-2007, 20:53
Ok so the main reason for moving to general logs is to include genral stuff, so without further ado my newly battle damaged khador warjacks!




21-12-2007, 20:56
Finally a group shot and the two warcasters. It feels kind of christmassy to be painting stuff in red with fluffly cloaks and snow on the bases! Have just about finished my iron fang pikemen, pics soon.




22-12-2007, 13:20
Those high elves look great! Really like the turquoise colour with the bone colour. That dragon is looking mighty impressive too! One small piece on advice on chipped 'paint' over metalic surfaces is to give the chipped area a basecoat of tin bitz or similar dark bronzy colour and then paint on the silver colour, leaving a small rim of the tin colour visible. Just makes the weathering neater and more prominent :)

24-12-2007, 15:25
Ok, an update. Firstly finished another 15 swordmasters - the blondes. Dunno if anyone noticed but I did the first regiment with black hair, second was brunette and the final one is blonde, I'm going to mix them up now to stop people commenting on anti-semetic high elves. Got a couple of regiment photos and then a group shot to prove I did 3 units! I have 5 more sowrdmasters but will try to get another 10 and then at some stage boost all the units up to 20.




24-12-2007, 15:37
And now a bit more warmachine, I painted my two mechanics to take my mind off the bloody swordmasters. I should have had 4 but the company mucked up and still haven;t sent the other two grrrr! Anyway I loved painting these, not sure why just nice figs I guess.


I also finished my ironfang pikemen last week but have only just managed to photogrpah them, smart models, awesome to painted and I love the way they look a bit like the warjacks!