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20-12-2007, 19:50
Tiranoc i do like chariots this crazy idea poped into my head whats peoples opinion.


Prince: HA, Sh, LB,
Star Lance,
Temakardor Gaunlets,
Sacred Incense,
Tiranoc Chariot Total: 354

Designed to hit hard and take down the big stuff and stuff with armour.

Noble: Reaver Bow,
HA, Sh, HalB,
Tiranoc Chariot Total: 220

adds more fire power to the archers and throws but still reasonably hard into infantry.

Noble: Battle Standard,
HalB, HA,
Banner of Ellyrion,
Tiranoc Chariot Total: 215

To kill skmishers and things hidding in woods not sure if the banner chariot combo works the way I think does can't find my rule book ( grr) to check. intrestred to see what people think.

Mage: lvl2,
Trickser Pendent,
Dispel Scroll,
Tiranoc Chariot Total: 265

magic defence lvl2 to try casting a drain magic vs most or a magic missle vs dwarfs or tomb kings.


10 Archers Total: 110
10 Archers Total: 110

shoot and shoot and keep shooting likely to target warmachine crews first then infrantry the chariot haven't crushed.

5 Tiranoc Chariots Total: 425

its the theme!


2 Bolt Throwers Total: 200

2 Great Eagles Total: 100
the standard roles for these.

total 1999

dipsel 3

power 4

main tactic will be to have the chariot gang up on on units and if possible get to thr flnks for some real fun

20-12-2007, 22:32
Good luck trying to win on a board with just a single wood on it and a non retarded opponent.

21-12-2007, 03:55
I love the idea of a Tiranoc-based army, first of all. I think if properly tuned and constructed, such a list could do quite well. On the other hand, this list looks very, very on the small side. Probably much to small even in High Elf standards.

21-12-2007, 09:21
Nice idea but you can be easily beaten by a medium player. You lack ranks, tiranoc chariot do not kill many models. However, try! The banner combo is generally considered ok.

21-12-2007, 09:50
I believe the banner will allow you to move through woods without MOVEMENT PENALTY but you will still have to take the D6S6 hits for mpassing through difficuly terrain.

21-12-2007, 10:17
Alwasw nice to see a themed army not built to win, but built to play.

However, it is currently an illegal list - RBTs and Great Eagles arent 2 for 1 slot anymore. Each Eagle and each RBT takes up 1 rare slot each...

21-12-2007, 10:19
But HE have 4 rare slots (and 6 specials) so it isn't a problem.

21-12-2007, 11:10
some very useful comment some not so useful nowhere did i say this a tournerment list and i'm well awhere of a army like this limitations in that it has no satic combat res. As for comments like you will easly beaten by a medium player you are assuming then that I'm some noob who hasn't already considered the limitations of the army i'm using. This army need to break an enemy in one combat so one cahriot would only small unit big infrantry block get hit by two or 3 chariots and with my beast army 3 chariots that pritty devastating even vs drawf with t4 also i would make sure to hit the right chariot into the right unit the characters mounted in chariots have US 5 so can denide flanks etc. This is a one trick pony list by it would fun and in no way boring to play against at very least just to it breaking from combat all the time!

I did post my high elf tournament style list before on warseer.

21-12-2007, 11:15
Kerill, quite right - that'll be me looking at the wrong bit - sorry :o

21-12-2007, 18:13
Good luck trying to win on a board with just a single wood on it and a non retarded opponent.

Wow that was a useful responce.

On the subject of the army. I love it! It's great to see people putting style above substance. OK the army isn't built to win and will probably struggle a lot of the time but learning how to use it should be interesting. I like lists that demand a lot skill from their player and this one certainly seems challenging to play. Certainly better than a gunline or cavalryhammer or magehammer or whatever else is 'flavor of the month'


22-12-2007, 06:00
cheers that was the point fun

22-12-2007, 13:33
i agrre with kahadras its not a game if you build a list that always wins as form me im building a high elf list made out of both wood and high elves. why?
because i love the look of both the armies and love the speed style high elves army im aiming at having lots of calvary in my army eagles RBT's and a dragon lord ok it might not be the best competative army but its got the minatures that i like in it. so as to your post i agree its a cool looking lists looks like a fun list to play to see how to get around so many chariots and now with the new white lion chariots it can look even cooler. can you let us knoe how the chariots do im thinking of using some in my army but before i buy them i want to see if they work well (first time using a fast army)

22-12-2007, 23:12
I really like it!

It's quite creative an original!

I plan on doing a themed list of 2k points for each province eventually. After you have played a few games could you pm me and let me know how it fared!

- Lavieth

22-12-2007, 23:31
9 chariots eh?

The Bsb shouldnt really go after things in woods.
HE chariots suck at moving through woods, t4 means you get wounded on a 2+ so if you get a 4+ for those hits, you can generally kiss your chariot goodbye. WHich causes your BsB a st5 hit in the process.

You could easily drop a chariot and get a couple of units of ellyrian reavers to guard the chariots from skirmishers in woods, you may have to drop something else from the list like a character as well but it'll give you less of a problem when facing such threats.

27-12-2007, 12:27
lavieth sorry to say that i won't collect this amry striaght away i'm planning a more competative list first. this will come as an extendtion so maybe in about 6 month i will start buliding and painting but thanks for the comments

28-12-2007, 13:06
one thing i will suggest change your prince for korhil on chariot and make the tyrionic chariots into lion chariots more damage there

01-01-2008, 12:08
yes but that would spoil the theme some what

Chaos Undecided
01-01-2008, 12:41
I'd always assumed that a lance was not a feasible choice of weapon for a chariot rider but for the life of me cant find anything in the rule book to back this up, as the general consensus for chariot riders seems to be that they fight as a "mounted" model (again something the rule book refuses to confirm or deny as far as I can see :rolleyes:).

Is this just a hang up I've kept from the last edition of Warhammer?

01-01-2008, 18:01
On a chariot a character counts as being mounted and as such has access to the horrendous S7 lance of death :D