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21-12-2007, 16:12
Surprised there isn't a more recent thread about this.

It came to me as a complete positive surprise that Blood Bowl is making its way to our PCs (well, yeah, X360s too)!

It can be played in the classic, turn-based system faithful to the original, or a real-time mode (which might be fun, too, though obviously won't replace the original). It goes without saying that it's completely multiplayable, so expect leagues to pop up everywhere!

Check out some screens here:

(Yeah, I'm too lazy to look up an English page for it, but let the pictures do the talking...)

21-12-2007, 16:54
Check a couple of threads down 8)

Stormtrooper Clark
21-12-2007, 23:04
Your about a month too late.

22-12-2007, 06:57
Surprised me you didn't read the 2 threads already on this page about Blood Bowl coming to the PC/XBOX360/PSP, there is a search function.

There is also an English link in one of the threads for the offical Blood Bowl game website.

May I suggest closing this thread.