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20-09-2005, 04:03
Elector Count AOMI(1+armour save) GW 116
Goes with Halberds

Lvl l Wizard, Dispel Scroll x2 110
Lvl l Wizard, Dispel Scroll x1 85

25 Swordsmen, FC 200
*8 HG 64
*10Militia 50
24 Halberdiers, FC 169
*8HG 64
*10 Militia 50
5 Knights Inner Circle, First Knight 146
5 Knights, First Knight 131

Cannon 100
Mortar 75
Mortar 75
16 Greatswords 222
*8 Militia 40

15 Flagellants 165
5 Gryphon Legion, Mus. 138

149 models
1695 Army Points
305 Points for Heroes


Here are some pics of it in action:





21-09-2005, 06:42
looks pretty good lots of blacks and plenty of support troops not to much arty or missile troops I do think you should find the points to make the wizards level 2 to at least contest the magic phase, a couple of fire of life spells would really help you out, I'm suprised how well my magic went when I was just using 2 level2's

21-09-2005, 19:49
Yes I was considering wether it would be worth it to drop the two handgunner detachments, and one swordsmen, which would give me around 135 points. Then I would upgrade the wizards to 2 level 2s (+70pts) and take a cheap 65 point (fullplate and sheild, or fullplate and GW) captain to lead the swordsmen. Might be worth it just to free up some deployment room! :)

22-09-2005, 19:37
The steam tank is a monster of rules...

I don't see why halberdiers suck.. they do on their own but thats why empire has detachment rules. And why do I not have enough calvary? 3 groups not enough? 3 artillery peices not enough?

23-09-2005, 12:54
Under the current rules, halberdiers are the least useful type of empire infantry due to there poor save, stats and mediocre halberds. They arnt useless but swordsmen and even spearmen are better.

I dont rate the helblaster much due to its points cost and unreliablity and the stank is just overused and quite possibly overrated.

You have enough artillery and, although I would bump up the knights unit sizes they should do ok for you. Basically your list will do fine.

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25-09-2005, 06:52
I do agree with the haliberd comment, spears or swordsmen would be a better choice.

I respect the fact you dont take a hellblaster as they are just nasty, usefull peice of kit however... can basically keep anything you like out of a 12 inch radius even if you dont shoot the thing

upgrading one of the moarters to a cannon would be a wisc choice as they are more versitile and usefull in tourniment settings.

What did you convert your greatswords from? I rather like them

23-05-2007, 16:36

i dont know if you know that your army is illegal because inner circle knights are special choices.
also mortars, flagellants and state troops suck

23-05-2007, 18:45
You could consider droping the some of you detachment numbers to get a Warior Priest (Nasty when in a Core block) and this would sallow your Flagies to be core. I also agree that it would be wise to upgrade one of the mortors to a cannon.