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Your Mum Rang
22-12-2007, 10:28
Okay. I recently bought 2 Tiranoc Chariots so that I could turn the Lions into Treekin but now I am getting attatched to them so...

Dragon Mage: 2 Dispel Scrolls - Silver Wand @ 400pts
(Middle of the road Magic offense and Defense plus a Dragon...)

Battle-Standard Bearer: Heavy Armour - Shield - White Sword - Talisman of Loec @ 166pts
(Able to dish out the pain when charged...)

Korhil @ 140pts
(Makes my Spearmen Stubborn...)

22 Spearmen: Full Command @ 223pts
10 Archers: Musician @ 115pts

14 White Lions: Full Command @ 240pts
14 White Lions: Full Command @ 240pts
6 Shadow Warriors @ 96pts
6 Shadow Warriors @ 96pts
Tiranoc Chariot @ 85pts
Tiranoc Chariot @ 85pts

2 Maneaters: Cathayan Longswords - Heavy Armour @ 180pts
2 Maneaters: Cathayan Longswords - Heavy Armour @ 180pts
(White Lion models...)


Now, the Maneaters as White Lions is fluffy and gives me another 2 stubborn units, but by god they're expensive! I'd like to use the Lions as some kinda Ogre-proxy but I am not sure which.

Anwyays, help in making this army better is appreciated.

22-12-2007, 12:09
i don't think ur bsb can carry the white sword i though it was treated as a great weapon.... but my book is in my car and it's freezing overhere so i'm not going to take a look right now :D

22-12-2007, 13:32
If you want it to be a Charace list please change the Tiranoc chariots to Lion chariots, although they're 50 pts? more they are much better and far far more fluffy.

don't have the book on me but I think Fhoen is right, the white sword is 2 handed no? also the talisman is great and all but not worth it on a hero character, the pure use of it means the enemy gets half that characters points... that's 85 ish points in this case.

you'd be better to give the BSB the armour of caledor and leave him as that.

also the dragon mage alone won't give you enough power in the magic phase, meaning a fair amount of wastage in his depo. He's not even lvl 2, IMO you'd be better ditching the dragon mage all together, upgrading the chariots to lions, dropping 1 unit of shadow warriors and with the points saved from the bsb:

that's 400+4+31+96 = 531

lion chariot upgrades


lion standard and banner of sorcery (on the White lions units)... 1 of them immune to fear is almost a must otherwise fear/terror is gonna ruin yer day.


2 mages + lvl 2s + silver wand + 2 dispel scrolls + seerstaff

6 points left.

hope these thoughts help.

Dead Man Walking
22-12-2007, 15:02
take elyrion banner on spearmen so they can cruise through woods like the white lions, give a white lions unit the lions banner (immune to fear and terror on stubborn unit is not only fluffy but useful.). You will also need some eagles so drop one maneater unit and go with eagles. Read the section on the land of chrace, eagles are part of thier fluff.

I am afraid your 'themed' list is more 'win-y' than 'Themed'.

23-12-2007, 03:21
I agree with endlessbug, also bsb can not take shields (what will they fight with). why maneaters and not more white lions?

Your Mum Rang
23-12-2007, 10:24
Wow, lots of fluff purists out here. It'll be Chrace-modelled and my list can be anything I like :D Besides, Lion Chariots kinda suck. I'd rather have 2 Tiranoc Chariots for a little extra.

Also, there are NO RESTRICTIONS on what a High Elf BSB can take. My BSB is legal.

IronBrother, the Maneaters will represent White Lions. Since I have not taken the Lion Chariot, I have 4 spare Lions that I'll armour up and use as Maneaters.

Bug, thanks for the advice. I like the ideas and will look into them but nothing you have said has made me want to change anything just yet. More playtesting is needed. I also should explain the Dragon-Caddy. I don't like magic. I don't want to take a caddy that does nothing but carry scrolls. I want to try this guy out because he can do other things (IE break ranks) but the Lvl 2 upgrade might be needed.

23-12-2007, 11:21
lions into treekin? how does that work, I'm intrigued!? :eek:

Your Mum Rang
23-12-2007, 13:37
Feral them up by making their manes much shaggier, use GS to add some leather-type armour and nice scenic bases and you're away!

Your Mum Rang
24-12-2007, 10:11
Blatant serial post :P

Right, I've changed the list some:

- Dropped Dragon-Mage
- Added Archmage
- Dropped 6 Shadow Warriors
- Added 5 Ellyrian Reavers
- Bulked Spearmen to 23
- Added Banner of Sorcery

I felt that an Archmage would help this army out a lot. I want to make his magic phase strong enough so gave him 2 scrolls, 2 stones and the silver wand. Add in the Banner or Sorcery and he should be able to get a few spells through. Whatcha reckon?

Battle-Standard Bearer: Great Weapon - Armour of Caledor - Skeinsliver @ 168pts
Archmage: Lvl 4 - Silver Wand - 2 Power Stones - 2 Dispel Scrolls @ 340pts
Korhil @ 140pts

23 Spearmen: Full Command @ 232pts
10 Archers: Musician @ 115pts

14 White Lions: Full Command - Banner of Sorcery @ 290pts
5 Ellyrion Reavers: Bows - Musician @ 102pts
14 White Lions: Full Command @ 240pts
6 Shadow Warriors @ 96pts
Tiranoc Chariot @ 85pts
Tiranoc Chariot @ 85pts

2 Maneaters: Cathayan Longswords - Heavy Armour @ 180pts
2 Maneaters: Cathayan Longswords - Heavy Armour @ 180pts


So I have a central line of 3 stubborn units (Spears and Lions) with 2 Chariots and 4 Maneaters as flankers (they also are stubborn!). I have a BSB to allow most of them to re-roll tests (re-rolling stubborn LD is immense) and an Archmage who is all things to all men. I also get +1 to go first and trust me, I need it!

Anyway, better or worse than the first list?

24-12-2007, 14:22
Sorry but I think your list is not legal.
there is no option to take dogs of war in the new HE army book. What I know is that you cannot take DOW anymore. But if your opponment agrees with it should be no problem of course. I would still try to put some white lions chariots in it though. Just for the fluff.

Your Mum Rang
24-12-2007, 15:08
True, but gamewise they just don't work. They're so many points on such a vulnerable chariot. Plus, I'd always take Tiranoc Chariots first and this list leaves no space for the Lion Chariots. Plus, I am turning the models into war-lions on Ogre-sized bases.

The point of DoW in a HE army is still in contention. Most people I play with think that you can take them still.