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20-09-2005, 12:00
I started having this chat with a friend and realised they were very vain, so I wondered how the selfless people on Warseer are.

Basically what parts of your body could you stand to lose, and what parts couldn't you stand to lose (lets say it was life or death, lose your arm or die etc, although we'll assume for arguements sake the removal of said appendage would be painless).

I could stand to lose, in no particular order: -
My hair (from anywhere on my body, but I think I would miss it from my chin most)
My ears (not hearing though)
My teeth
My nose
Either of my hands/arms (not sure I would like to lose both arms or hands)
Either/both or my legs from any point
My appendix (cheating I know, plus its already gone)
Sight in one eye (not both)
Hearing in one ear (not both)
A kidney (again cheating cos you can live with just the one)

I wouldn't like to lose: -
Both arms or both legs
All my sight
All my hearing
My mental faculties (though you could argue I'm not me then)
My memory
My psychological profile (humour etc)
My tongue/vocal chords

I feel this makes me a fairly un vain person as my friend could only bear to lose a few things (not even the hair on her head for gods sake!)

What about you?


PS This all started over a conversation about my wife who is lost her sight when she was 18.

20-09-2005, 12:07
Hmm, interesting, since a lot of people have thought about this at one point or another. Just posting everything I wouldn't mind losing here:

My hair (especially that on my back :D)
An eye
My spleen (you can really miss that. You still need at least one kidney, and when you lose that one kidney too you're a goner)
A couple of pounds ;)

20-09-2005, 12:12
A couple of pounds ;)

Better add that to my list under 'things I can bear to lose' too! :D


20-09-2005, 12:28
Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Vain, yes; but i dont care.

20-09-2005, 12:31
If it was life or death, I'd be willing to cut off anything and everything non-essential. Keeping one limb would be nice though, I'd hate no being able to feed myself.

20-09-2005, 12:34
a few stone;

other than that, its vain, i know, but i like the rest of me...

20-09-2005, 12:39
As long as I can hear fully (or at least decently) and have the use of my left hand and right arm, as well as being in good mental order, I'd be okay. Of course, I'd rather not lose anything, but that's my limit before I'd demand euthanasia. I'd have a little trouble topping myself without any arms or legs.

Strictly Commercial
20-09-2005, 13:01
If I was younger and hadn't fixed my life path I might actually have gone into the science of cybernetics, since it is theoretically possible to use the bio-electric current to power them. The tech is advancing at a fast enough rate that in my lifetime I may actually see this realized, but I would want to do my part for it. I know this is a side tangent but it kind of fits in, as most people would not be really bothered if their cybernetic limbs didn't look as good as their own (and we all know how cool the movies have made cybernetics). It would only be the vain who really suffered, and those whose hands were well trained to a particular task.

20-09-2005, 13:02
Don't really see the benefit in dying any sooner than necessary, so why keep any of it? As far as I'm aware, death has little to offer me that I can't get whilst deaf, blind, paralysed or whatever. I think I might find being deaf and blind more than a little disturbing, so perhaps death might be preferable to having to live whilst deaf, blind, and paralysed. But I still don't see what I'd gain by dying.

de Selby
20-09-2005, 14:02
Well I wouldn't LIKE to lose any of the things you listed, but I'd sacrifice most of them to stay alive (say hospital amputation/removal to prevent death, for the sake of argument). I remember reading about a guy who cut his own hand off with a pen-knife to escape from under a rock. He thought about it for three days before trying; I think I'd still be there.

*takes off hat*

I'd take Blindness OR deafness OR loss of ability to speak, but any combination would be pretty near unbearable I think.

mental faculties (though you could argue I'm not me then)
My memory
My psychological profile (humour etc)

These are tricky. Loss of mental faculties/memory could make life not worth living IMO. A serious change to my psychological profile would presumably turn me into a different person, so I'd effectively be 'dead' anyway. I'd say, 'give the new me a chance', but it's worth considering the effect on those around you. Bereavement could be easier tobear in some cases.

One thing you didn't put on your list was genitals. No joke.

20-09-2005, 14:12
I could bear to lose my legs if necessary, hair and weight naturally....

I dont think i could cope without sight, or at least 1 arm, but you never know

I hope i never have to find out

20-09-2005, 14:14
I wouldn't mind loosing both of my legs, as long as I hade both of my hands (it would be hard to become a computer programmer without your hands), but legs I hardly use.

Also I never want to loose my sight or hearing (I was once almost completely deaf and still have 'problems' with my ears so I know what that's like). But I don't need my taste sense (I know it's not a body part, but still :p)


20-09-2005, 14:25
Anyone mentioned sanity yet? Living without sanity would be like some deranged inescapable nightmare.

20-09-2005, 14:32
If I had to loose something, I could probably loose my hair with not to much fret.

20-09-2005, 18:00
I could stand to lose most things.
The things I think I couldn't bare to lose was my usefulness to society. I'd really suffer if I felt that there was no way to improve my and my owns lot.
Even if all I was good for was a medical curiosity, so long as i had some thing to do I'd be able to stick it out. Might not enjoy it but would be able to stick it out.

And there is no point at which I would consider suicide, Life can always get better.

20-09-2005, 18:13
Anything...I'm not really bothered as I'd adapt.

Commander X
20-09-2005, 18:18
I know I'll sound selfish by saying so, but with my current access to technology/medical things I'd like to remain fully intact.

Now, if I would have access to those labs where they're testing bionics however...

20-09-2005, 18:36
You've got to do what you've got to do, I suppose. If it's lose a limb or die, I'd lose the limb. If medically speaking you can live without it, then you can live without it. That said, I always concider suicide a valid choice, but because it's always a valid choice it's just as well to wait a while longer in most circumstances.

Anyway, I probably couldn't bear to lose the use of both my hands, or my eyes and ears. There'd be too much stuff I couldn't do, and too little that I could.
I could do without my sanity, but not my intellect. A loony I could see myself becoming, but a clever one. I should still be able to appreciate a good book, no matter in what disturbed way. I am quite vain, though not so much in regards to my body.

Crazy Harborc
20-09-2005, 18:52
I could stand to lose 30 pounds gained since retiring :D Just cut out food and booze and get a very tiring hard to do j.o.b.............THAT would do it. I'll just start checking the ads for one :p :rolleyes:

20-09-2005, 19:32
One thing you didn't put on your list was genitals. No joke.

Honestly? If it were no genitals or dead I could live without them :eek:


EDIT: Although that does come very low down my "could do without" list :D

20-09-2005, 19:57
Anyone mentioned sanity yet? Living without sanity would be like some deranged inescapable nightmare.

heh, im currently engagaing on a certain mind expanding journey in order to change my outlook of life. my sanity? what is sanity? who's to say that the insane dudes arent the normal ones?

wait, maybe i am being retarded. ah well, the way i see it, being insane wouldnt be a disadvantage, it would mean i always have something to talk about, and someone to talk to.

other than my mind....i dunno, my left testicle maybe, i dont really need it. and my loose skin. i got plenty, you can have it if you want, just bring a bit of blim and your own knife. and a doggy bag so you can take it home without it dripping on the carpet.

oh, and if i had to lose a limb, i guess it would be my right leg caus my knee is shot and i would love a peg leg so i could be just like a pirate.