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Strictly Commercial
20-09-2005, 12:49
Okay, for years I really never liked Wagner until I listened to Tannhauser March in its whole. Then I listened to the whole of some of his other symphonies and began to really like his stuff. This is completely awesome music for 40K and WFB, and I really want to get more music like it.

The problem is, I am not that cultured. So, if anyone who actually knows something about symphony music could help recommend pieces similar to O Fortuna, Mars; Bringer of War, and the soundtracks to things like Medieval Total War and Conan The Barbarian, I would greatly appreciate their input. Thanks.

20-09-2005, 12:55
I like to listen to Jean Sibelius as an alternative to Holst or Wagner. I'm not that cultured either though I'm afraid - all I have is a sort of "compilation" that my mum gave me. It has bits of Finlandia, Karelia and the Lemminkäinen Suite on it, all of which are very nice for a good epic game. Also, some of the other Planets are good, Saturn and Uranus spring to mind.

20-09-2005, 13:08
Xena The Warrior Princess, Star Shop Troopers, and pretty much anything by Hans Zimmer if you want that whole Hollywood Epic thing going on.

Cant go wrong with some Manowar either for pure manly battle music.

Inquisitor Maul
20-09-2005, 13:21
The opening theme in Revenge of the Sith (the huge space battle) is pretty nice to play in the background. Though, best played when playing some X-wing/Tie Fighter game ;)

20-09-2005, 18:12
Even if I really hate the Movie, the Score of Dungeons & Dragons is pretty cool for WFB

20-09-2005, 18:16
Bah its not cultured, it just means that you simply have knowledge of 'classical' music.

Techinically people who like dross like happy hardcore can be described as 'cultured' but only in a very limited and warped sense.

20-09-2005, 18:27
Lets not forget 'Scouse House'

Strictly Commercial
22-09-2005, 13:45
I like to listen to Jean Sibelius as an alternative to Holst or Wagner.

Well, I snatched some of that, very beautiful music. So thanks for the rec on that.

But what I had in mind is some of that thundering, doomhammer music that makes you think of Crusaders or Normans charging forward in a battle line. Or like the stuff from Conan that exemplifies a warrior's arete (like him holding the two swords to the sky triumphantly).

I wonder if there is an actual name for this genre of symphony? Maybe a music major would know?