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20-09-2005, 14:57
I discovered this game (http://s1.travian.com/) about a week ago and am already totally addicted to it. Basically it's an online version of 'the Settlers of Catan' where you have to manage a village and try to survive against thousands of other players.

If you wanna give it a try, I'm located in the South-East (the location of a new village is totally random) and the name of my village is 'Oerekotje'.

Once you get on a certain level, you can send out ambassadors to other villages and start alliances, but you need at least 10-14 days till you can do this.

As of now there's one more Warseer-member that started this: Skink Master, so if more people wanna join, feel free.

20-09-2005, 23:16
Sure I'll give it a go. I'm set up as Olemar of the Teutons in the South East. Named the village Grunholt. I'll be shooting you a message I guess...


21-09-2005, 08:03
Remember: the first seven days you can't be attacked, so be sure to develop your resources to the fullest over the first five days, after that it's better to build a wall around your village and make some soldiers to protect it.

21-09-2005, 09:58
Ya. I messed up just a little bit by building a Cranny. Other than that, I upgraded my town center to level 2 to increase build speed a little bit. I've been monitoring my village all day, upgrading the surrounding terrain as much as I can to maximize my time....


Skink Master
21-09-2005, 10:08
So far all my hexs are upgraded to Level 1, 4 of my crop fields are at Level 2, my Cranny is at Level 3, my main building is soon to be at Level 3, my Granary is only at Level 1, and I've been playing for over 7 days now.

Nothing's happened yet.

My village is named Pokeno (my actual town). You can look anyone up in the Statistic screen just by typing their name in (used our Warseer names thus far).

Thanks to the build times and slowness of the game, it makes it ideal for people who have boring jobs at computers with free reign of the internet.

21-09-2005, 10:27
Oh dear, so much potential to be sacked....

Ok, I'm in the village of Dis in the south east somewhere. All looks pretty cool.

edit: this is groovy; good find 'gobbla :)

22-09-2005, 02:09
Balseraph of the Teutons
and inconsistent internet time. Now quarter past 2 in the morning and next time I'm on it could be 12 noon in a week. Such is life and sharing a PC with an obssissive forum moderator.


22-09-2005, 10:59
XtSchneider's Villag in the South East (any way to name a village?) Romans.

22-09-2005, 11:10
Go to statistics, click on your name, then click the edit button. (It's in the FAQ).

15-10-2005, 10:01

Is there an alliance going? I find myself getting pummeled pretty good right now -I need to get an alliance with someone at least so I can send all my generated goods out for a while. Make myself as "unappetizing" as possible.
Whomever I send the materials to can use it to build up. I just don't want this bunghole to get my stuff...


31-01-2006, 00:56

We have a Warseer Alliance on server 3 in NW if anyone is interested in joining up or creating a new account if you are on a different server.