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24-12-2007, 16:06
For those who dont know, Ubuntu is a completely free OS (operating system).

I was considering downloading it for my laptop but i'm worried that i might lose some documents, for example everything i've bought off itunes.

I was wondering if any Warseers have had any experience with/or actually own Ubuntu and if you lose anything or if theres a way to carry songs etc over.

Thanks in advance- reaper :D

24-12-2007, 16:14
Linux distros reside on a completely different hard drive partition, so all your data under Windows is left intact unless you intentionally delete it. However, Linux requires a boot loader that accepts it, so you'll have to replace the windows boot loader with (probably) Grub, which can do both. Upon uninstalling Grub - if you choose to do so - you will apparently 'kill' windows. This will require repair of the original windows boot loader. However, as long as you leave the windows partition alone, everything will be preserved.

24-12-2007, 17:59
yeah, partitians are the way, but becarefull, vist apparently does not like grub,

have you tried using virtual pc to get ubuntu to work, [im intending on giving it a go at some point]

24-12-2007, 21:21
I've got a mate who tri-boots his mac with XP, Leopard and Ubuntu and only has trouble with the wireless and webcam outside of leopard (Airport is crappily coded, apparently).

I have two HDs in my pc. One still has win98 on it (but patched and updated so the USB works fine). It isn't the boot drive, though. It is tjhere in case I need to run some older dos stuff that otherwise won't run (and dosbox doesn't work for some reason).