View Full Version : Starting HE army for escalation league

24-12-2007, 20:55
I'm trying to help my brother start a High Elf army for an escalation league. It will start at a 250 pt warband then 500 pts regular army and progress to 750 then 1000 by league's end. What units would you suggest?

I'm thinking if I get him to get a repeating bolt thrower or two, the noble box that lets you build one on a mount and one on foot, two units of warriors and a chariot or dragon princes he'll have a great start for said army. I haven't set down with him and his army book to help him piece it together, but I thought I'd ask what advice people had for the fey folk at lower point matches.

Dead Man Walking
24-12-2007, 21:27
in beginning of your league its usually best to start off with fast moving cheap units and then build your way up to a 'normal' army. Cheap and fast =elyrian reavers and silverhelms & eagles. That is if your looking to win a lot of course.

By the end of the league field what you would like to field.