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25-12-2007, 01:58
yeah, you read that right.
No lord @ 2250.
we'll see if that last part makes it through revisions.
(set it up this way because the TMA is played out and a little slow, and the closest I've found to an acceptable lord loadout is a Wardancer HB + blades + Nets + Brooch)

Spellsinger (Level 2, Dispel Scroll)
Alter Noble (Hoda, HotH, LA, S, GW)
Branchwraith (Murder, Cluster, Lvl 1)

8x Dryads
8x Dryads
8x Dryads
6x Glade riders (M)
6x Glade riders (M)
15x Glade guard (Banner of Springtime)
5x Scouts

7x Wardancers (Champ)
7x Wardancers (Champ)
8x Wild Riders (FC, Banner of Dwindling)
7x Wild riders (FC)

Great Eagle
Great Eagle

90 models
6 Dispel Dice + 1 scroll
Lotsa fear causers, enough small units to help with flanks, tons of mobility, enough magic to maybe move a few trees, but certainly enough to handle 'reasonable' amounts of magic, and only one unit that is anything near suffering from 'all the eggs in one basket' syndrome.

dryads eat charges if needed, eagles do what eagles usually do, glade riders march block, bait charges, kill flanks/warmachines...
GG engage targets of opportunity/eat charges/redirect stuff
BR adds some magic defense with a bit of CC power to boot.

thoughts? comments? unrelated babbling?
I'll appreciate all but the last one.

25-12-2007, 10:00
Hi. A good friend of me and also an experienced WE player always tells me that it will be very difficult to make a winning list without at least 1 treemen. 2nd dryads can't hold off charges.They are too easily beaten. Units of 7 or 8 wild riders are too big. 6 is the magic number. Perhaps with the warbanner. Glade riders are not worth their points . 1 unit of 5 is enough. Last notice: aren't great eagles not a special choice? It means you have 6 special slots. What I know only HE can do that.

Drop the eagles and drop 1 unit of glade riders. Make the wild riders 6 and you will have enough points to add a treemen.

Good luck with playing

25-12-2007, 16:19
making a winning list without a treeman is certainly doable, I think your buddy needs to think outside the box...
though it's good to see that some will scoff at my treemanless army when I plop it down

dryads vs charges: if I play right, I shouldn't need to worry about them eating a full on charge, but in my experience they don't do too horribly when I mess up and they do...
I've never played an army with this much mobility and disruptive elements (march blocking, charge baiting, charge spoiling) so I'm optimistic.

The great eagle is a rare choice, and the ONLY reasons I would ever drop down to zero eagles in a list would be if I were fielding two treemen, doing all forest spirits, or playing an incredibly low points game... I don't think you can beat the eagle for value @ 50 points.

if I were to pare down the wildrider units, I would put the points towards buffing up the unit of scouts long before I thought about dropping an eagle for a treeman.
(and honestly, if I added a treeman, it would be a no-brainer to upgrade it to a TMA)

thanks for the input, I look forward to more!

25-12-2007, 19:52
Hmm, I disagree with almost everything brakke_aep said other than the size of the wild rider units.

I win quite often without a treeman and prefer not to take one in my WE armies.

The glade riders are awesome and 5-6 w/musician is the right build. Keep 2 units.

I'd think about at least one branchnymph to accept a challenge for your branchwraith and I prefer to put branchnymphs in all my dryad units.

I'd entertain replacing one eagle and the scouts with a 5-6 man unit of waywatchers as their forward deployment and irritation factor is even better than the scouts.

26-12-2007, 16:33
Swapping out an eagle and the scouts for WWs has been suggested before, but I want to try out the double eagle (no relation to Abnett, heh) before I drop the second one...
that and I am leery about 24 point elves with minimal armor and no mounts...
even if they are badass shooting machines with hand weapons to boot.

tossing in at least one nymph sounds like a good idea, since so far it's been luck that has allowed my 'wraith to avoid combats where she can be challenged
(heh, luck plus I aim her away from situations where it can happen)

anyone more accustomed to playing at or around 2250 willing to comment on how I may fare magic defense wise?
I think that I'll do OK against anything less than a devotedly magic-heavy army, which is OK with me...
but I'd like to know if I'm off base with that assumption
(I'm giddy about the DS, since I've never taken one before)
(then again, I didn't need one in the past, as I almost always played shaman-hammer with my orcs... who needs a DS when you have shaman everywhere? :) )

as always, thanks for your responses, and wading through my rants

26-12-2007, 17:00
depending on how the games are played in your area your magic defence should be okay (but still not brilliant), however if people in your area are magic nuts then you are in deep trouble, i usually have to field a weaver with the wand of wych elm, a level 2 with a scroll and the wraith with cluster in order to have any hope of not being blasted out of the game by magic at this level.
As for your list, i quite like it overall, however i too would suggest that you trim both units of wildriders down to five or six and i would probably swap the banner of dwindling for a nice and simple warbanner, would also lose the murder on the wraith along with 5 glade guard and their banner in order to get another ten man squad of galde guard

27-12-2007, 01:44
Your thoughts on magic are well taken, but locally I haven't seen anyone go uber-magic heavy...
well, not since my own shamanhammer days at least, so I'm not terribly worried on that count, but plan on playing it by ear.

as for the wildriders, as arguably my scariest unit (no, not a causes fear joke) I expect them to take at least a few shots before they manage to get stuck in, so the extra numbers are helpful in that way.
warbanner may be the way to go, I'll see how my tactical 'genius' works out with this list, if I'll be finding myself 'needing' that +1, since I *should* be able to win through flanks and kills...
(says the guy who had 2 units of GRs, a unit of WRs, and a unit of Wardancers all charge the front of flank of a swordsman unit, and still lose combat)