View Full Version : Is Grots smarter den da boyz?

Inquizitor Aohd
25-12-2007, 03:56
What is the relative intelligence of grots vs orcs? I know that Orks are born with inborn knowledge and talents, but are grots?

Is there such a thing as a mekgrot or a weird-grot?

25-12-2007, 04:15
This might help:


Admittedly, it's for Fantasy Goblins, but a lot of the same principles apply.

25-12-2007, 04:15
From what I understand, the Grots have less intelligence then Orks. They are told to hit the nail into the wood, so they do that. They have oil-grotz and ammo-grunts for example, Grots that just carry stuff for the Orks but asides from that, they seem to be dumb as a doornail.

Snotlings are even worse.

25-12-2007, 04:16
it's not an innate intelligence, it's an innate ability.
The difference being, humans are born able to use their hands, lungs etc, it's the same for orks.

grots are smart in a different way, but I don't re-call any fluff mentions of weird grots.

Brother Siccarius
25-12-2007, 04:45
Grots are kunning as opposed to intelligent. Though if you're looking for intelligence, I suppose you could find a glimmer of it in a grots eye (without shinning a lasgun through his ear).

You see, ork learning is usually determined by birth, you're born a Mek, Dok, or Runtherd. A grot assistant, however, has to learn the absolute basics of how to do something, and is able to learn tiny pieces of what's needed.

25-12-2007, 06:08
As mentioned above, Orks are not smart - they just 'no fings.'

The result of this Ork knowledge, from bygone days, is experiments that no individual who actually learned how to do what they're doing would consider. For example, a Mekboy knows how to make a variety of rockets, guns, transports, and cyborg parts - so he gladly fiddles with his rockets and makes jump packs that have a good chance of killing their user, weapons that are likely to blow up in your face before the fight's over, a pair of differring cyborg legs that don't work well together as a mode of movement, and so on.

It's not that the Mek doesn't know how to make good rockets or (reasonably) safe personal transports, or frikkin' flying motorcycles (deff koptas), it's just that he wants to play with his rockets and do something different.

Gretchin, on the other hand are "more clever and cunning" than Orks (Codex Orks, page 6, 2ed version). However, their class as the slave-race of the Orks likely prevents most of them from attaining anything close to their full potential.

In the 2ed Ork codex, there was an Ork named Zodgrod Wortsnagga who specialized in training 'runts.' The resulting gretchin actually had a better statline than Guardsmen, and there's a bit of fluff alongside his entry that indicates Zodgrod's grot assistant was a pretty intelligent sort of gretchin. The little guy is cynical about his Doc's chances of not killing a brain-surgery patient, and considering the fact that the Doc seems "a little too keen on brain surjery..."

As such, I'd say that grots are, indeed, more intelligent than Orks. However, their education (lacking the innate knowledge of the oddboyz) is sorely lacking, and their stature makes leaves them at a solid disadvantage to the Orks (whose oddboyz compensate for the generally-low intelligence of da boyz).

Where grots stack up when compared to human intelligence is a little vague, but Orks enslave humans and treat them just like Grots...

25-12-2007, 06:12
I'd say yes, they have the brains ta run and hide!

25-12-2007, 09:16
From what I recall of older Ork Fluff...

During the construction of the First Gargant, the mek building it looked up at it. It was complete and ready ta stomp...but he felt like something was missing. A grot merchant who'd made a fortune in teef selling squigpies and fungus brew to the orks flocking to the gargant saw that the job was done, and in a flash of quick thinking said "Well...If dat's Gork, den yooz gonna need a Mork, aintcha?" The mek's eye lit up and he went to work on a second gargant, much to the delight of the grot merchant.