View Full Version : Aieeee! Hoofed in the head by the Muse again!

Mad Doc Grotsnik
25-12-2007, 20:01
No, not the rather spiffy band, but the Muse of Greek or Roman myth (can't remember which is which half the time!)

But now that Apocalypse is out right, and we're a pretty massive web community right....why not try to organise a mahoosive game of Apocalypse somewhere fairly central (Tunbridge Wells is central enough for me like....but London, or perhaps even Warhammer World would do) in the name of Charity.

It is Christmas, and I would like to put this idea to my fellow Warseers, and of course, the mods.

Whaddya think? Ballpark figures as ever, but if we charge a ticket fee of 5 per head, with every penny going to Charity, we could make a pretty big impact.

Might even become an annual event if we play our cards right. Only trouble would be deciding which Charity we donate to? My Back Pocket is not a Charity by the way. Nor is yours matey!