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26-12-2007, 02:36
This might not be a dull post to some but...

Over the last year I haven't really been a big Warhammer guy... I've just sometimes played it. But now I want to get back into it. I have the new Dwarf book and the most recent WE book, but only a few Wood Elves... so I'm going to focus on my Dwarfs right now. I'm looking to make my army one that can take on all opponents, one that is competitive but one that allows my opponents to have an opportunity to beat me every game (generally I have a fairly high winning percentage against these friends). I also would like my list to include some tactics... and not always have the same plan of attack. Anyways, here are the units I have

2 Runesmiths/Runelords

19 Warriors w/ Great Weapons and Full Command

13 Warriors w/ HW & Shields & Full Command

10 Quarrelers

10 Thunderers

12 Longbeards w/ Great Weapons & Full Command

9 Iron Breakers w/ Full Command

10 Hammerers

2 Bolt Throwers

1 Grudge Thrower

2 Organ Guns

I'm looking to make a 2000 pt list and ideally would like to add some Miners. However, I first need to figure out which of my units I want in the army, and finish those.

Also, don't get me wrong, I really enjoy coming up with army lists on my own... it's probably my favorite part of Warhammer. However I'm just looking to build off of other people's input... and don't really have a whole lot of money to spend in order to finish my units. My opponents are: Dark Elves, High Elves, Vampire Counts (Blood Dragon Bloodline right now) and occasionally Chaos (Mortals & Deamons), O&G, and Skaven. I want a list that is fun to play against the HE, DE, and VC and that those armies will have fun playing against! I am welcoming all thoughts and tips! Thanks!

Dead Man Walking
26-12-2007, 03:24
You seem to be fielding a defencive list. There are 3. Marching (no shooting), all shooty, and a mix between infantry and shooting (I call it defencive.)

Fielding 9-12 guys in a unit is practically useless and just screams "Shoot this unit and get free victory points." Miners however can be used in small units of 5 to 20 (20 in marching lists is very good, otherwise 10 is more than enough.)

With typical infantry I field 20 or nothing.

Ditch the quarrelers and take thunderers, they have slightly less range but hit more often and harder. Give them shields if you can.

With all the shooting you have you only need 2 to 3 units of ranked infantry. My favorite units are 1 longbeard x20 and 2 hammerers x20. This will hold almost anyone. Put the army in a corner of the board and fire away.

With the points you save on the tiny infantry units you could buy more shooting. Bolt throwers with unit champ and cannons are always good.

Flame cannon is great for splashing down in infantry and so is the insta panic checks. Organ guns are its opposite, most infantry can shrug it off (4-6 hits on average) but scores easy kills on skirmishers, flyers, fast calvary and small units. I tend to take both as one covers the others weaknesses.

Drop the great weapons on the warriors, dwarves win in combat resolution and to do that they always should fight with hand weapon shield combo. They may not kill much but the chances of you getting the charge off are slim so you will always strike last.

26-12-2007, 03:48
I'm probably just not going to include the Quarrelers or Grudge Thrower in my final list... I don't like having so much shooting. Pretty much my main decision right now is what to buy in order to complete the army... obviously more warriors and miners if I want them. I don't know whether to go with a Iron Breakers or Hammerers... or both if I can fit them, though I doubt that.