View Full Version : need ideas on 500pts (WE)

sing Sang a song
26-12-2007, 04:34
new list since im playing this friday for new tag match
WE with empire VS HE orcs&goblins
im charged with shooting/ scaring all the greenies and my empire friend is charged with using some gunpowder at HE
*orcs&goblins this is his new army and it is his first battle with them and HE is 2 spearman units, dragon with someone 10 dragon prince and 16archers etc
*my empire ally has 30 gunners 8 inner circleknights 1 wizard 1 captain on horse great cannon and hellblaster etc

Spellsinger-lv2_clavigor's staff(this one is hard to spell) some spite=175
branchwraith_50pts of spites and lv1=165

glade guard 10_musician=126
glade guard 10_musician=126
glade riders 5_musician=129
dryads 11_132

waywatchers 6_144

total 997
i have no idea what should i put for rest of 500pts and i dont have more models so i have to buy them at store before game so what should i put?? thinking about tree man and 3 tree kin or wardancers