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Imperial Stormtrooper
26-12-2007, 04:37
i would like you people of warseer to see if my skaven list has any merit. it's not for tournaments, and is for recreational purposes only. Please note that hardly any people from my local GW play warhammer fantasy,(thought i have been pushing them to try), and this list has been played purely on the same lizardman player, though not the same army.

Grey Seer- 260 points
eye of the horned rat-25 points
Chieftan- 84 points
great weopan-4
warp stone armor -35 points
assassin-130 pts
warp stone amulet-25 points
plague priest- 120 points
liber bubonicus-40 points
warpstone tokenX1- 10 points

30 Clanrats- 265 points
spears- 1 points each
full command- 25 points
ratling gun attachment- 60 points
30 clanrats- 265 points
spears- 1 point each
full command- 25 points
ratling gun attachment- 60 points
30 slaves- 60 points
30 slaves- 60 points
40 plague monks-365 points
additional hand weopans-2 points each
full command- 25 points
banner of the swarm- 20 points
20 night runners- 150 opints
additional hand weopans -2 points each
night leader-10 points
6 rat ogre packs -300

i always put a slave unit in front of a clanrat unit, and the rat ogres might be in one big pack of 6 or 2 packs of 3 depending on the map, while the assassin hides in the night runners, and i use their hide speed and skirmishing to flank the enemy, hitting their weaker units hard with an assassin. 40 man plague monk unit may sound big and exspensive, and it is, but every game that unit is the star of the show lead by the plague priest.

open to all comments and criticism, please

30-12-2007, 10:35
Alright Storm, just a few small suggestions I'd personally make (, so this is entirely IMHO based.)

I can see the element of surprise and danger factor in hiding the Assassin in the Night Runners. But such low leadership, and no back-up, means a clean sweep loss of over a hundred points with a round or two shooting at the unit; as somehow Nightrunners and Gutter Runners become priority targets (, immediately behind Screaming Bells and Cannons...)

I'm personally biased towards using the Seer at 2k, he works well at 3k with a Warlord and an Engineer or two (, 15 Power Dice anyone?) But unless you go magic heavy at 2k and seriously reduce your army size, he's stupidly expensive, and you're very unlikely to get anything other than a Death Frenzy or a Warp Lightning or two every turn, and one Miscast on a General suddenly makes the game very, very short.

If you want the sacrifice, a Warlord with a Great Weapon and a War Banner makes a welcome combat boost to one of the Clanrat Units. The same sort of a bonus making a Chieftain a Battle Standard Bearer would, as you've gone for an almost none Shooty Army of Ratness you're possibly going to find the LD re-rolls seriously more useful than an easily negatable Armour save on your character.

Ermm, (sorry about this lol) but i've no use for Plague Priests personally, since you've invested so many points on the 6 rat ogres why not consider a Master Moulder carrying the Skavenbrew, making it a Frenzied, Hatred totting mass combat unit with a boosted LD is better than a few extra attacks and a spell you'll have trouble casting without draining the Army Pool from the Seer (, who would need it more for Plague if you get it etc.)

The unit sizes are perfect, I always find Plague Monks get shot to **** very quickly with no Armour saves (, consider the Umbranner, since you're carrying an extra rank or two than the norm anyway to get that +1. And they ain't going nowhere against the right opponent.)

Other than that, a solid army, (maybe chop and change between the Ratling and the Warpfire?) How does it fair against HE< Lizardmen etc?