View Full Version : estimated 2000 points for HE/WE

26-12-2007, 11:13
ok this is only a estimated list as i have not got the new book yet waiting to see if i should stick with wood elves or go for high elves im trying to think which army suits my game play more
(which is run forward and dont die but have enough archers along the back to keep them alive)

with the wood elves id have

level 2 mage (magic gear) 15-=175
level 2 mage (magic gear) 15-=175
noble , alter kindred, hail of doom arrows, great weapon
3x 5 wild riders with full command, 166 each
2x 10 glade guard
3x 5 glade riders
hows this list sound???

for high elves

would be 1 of 2 of these lists

princeon dragon (magic gear)

2x10 archers
2x5 dragon princes
1x5 elrrian reavers
2x bolt throwers
3x chariots

or possible put korhil in a chariot but can i add additional lions to the chariot?

korhil on lion chariot
level 2 mage(if i use korhil this mage gets to level 4 and sits on a dragon)
level 2 mage

3x10 whitelions (might swap these for lion chariots
2x10 bowmen
1x5 ellrian reavers
3 bolthrowers