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26-12-2007, 14:30
Hi Guys.:)
I havde tried to balance it and give it the capability to deal with most enemies. Im think of using it for tournaments. What are your reactions, comments, crituqe and advises? Thanks on advance :)

2250 Pts - Tomb Kings Army

1 Liche High Priest @ 320 Pts
Hierophant; Cloak of the Dunes;
Collar of Shapesh;
Neferra's Plaques of Mighty Incantations

1 Liche Priest @ 168 Pts
Staff of Ravening
Skeletal Steed

1 Tomb Prince @ 194 Pts
General; Light Armour; Shield; Chariot (with the Chariot unit)
Flail of Skulls

1 Tomb Prince @ 144 Pts (with the TK unit)
Great Weapon
Scorpion Armour

25 Skeleton Warriors @ 235 Pts
Shield; Light Armour; Standard

10 Skeleton Warriors @ 80 Pts

10 Skeleton Warriors @ 80 Pts

3 Skeleton Chariots @ 165 Pts
Banner of the Undying Legion

20 Tomb Guard @ 304 Pts
Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Champion
Icon of Rakaph

3 Ushabti @ 195 Pts

6 Carrion @ 144 Pts

1 Screaming Skull Catapult @ 110 Pts
Skulls of the Foe

1 Screaming Skull Catapult @ 110 Pts
Skulls of the Foe

26-12-2007, 14:44
I like the overall look of the list. My only comment would be from a personal preference point of view, and that would be to swap out the Tomb Guard.

I'm not a fan of Elite Infantry in WFB - I can just never get the hang of them, so personally, I'd change them for either a giant and more archers, or maybe another chariot unit and more archers, or some light cavalry...

26-12-2007, 20:05
I do realise that it is an expensive unit, but with the icon of raphak and a Tomb prince, it gets a 360 degrees range 12 charge, which IMO is GOLD aganist any army!
It make an elite inf unit with ranks work more or less like a skimish unit, with no downsides.

But as you say, its a matter of style.