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Kensai X
20-09-2005, 22:19
Hey members of the Emperor's Finest I'm asking if you could help me a unque army based on the Emperor's Finest. Now obviously I'm not talking another Space Marine army per say, much closer to say the Last Chancers or a Deathwing army...

What I want members of the EF to do is to submit a funny and or ridiculous character (based off rules of any legal codex) at point totals of....







This way the Emperor's Finest squad can be customized to the personal preference of the player using them. Also sense each of these characters will be "speshul" characters you can add they're own advantagous rules, but make sure to have a disadvantage...

So guys start submitting :evilgrin:

22-09-2005, 17:36
Heh, sweet idea Kensai. I'll go with a character I own and have written several stories about...

Brother Captain Vadyon Antaeus of the Deathwatch

WS6 BS5 S4 T4 W2 I5 A3 Ld9 Sv3+/4+

Equipment: Master-crafted power sword, bolter, Iron Halo, Swordsman's Honour, Order of Dorn, melta bombs, frag grenades

Swordsman's Honour: Antaeus adds +2 to all To Wound rolls.
Preferred Enemy: Necrons
True Grit
Order of Dorn: +1 WS.

As well as being a warrior of the deathwatch, Cap'n Ant is also one of the Arena Champions and Duel Overseers.

Just under 200pts I suspect, but he doesn't have any massive disadvantage. I'll see if I can throw together some less serious ones later on :evilgrin: One title I have in mind is Captain Tobin Blazhik of the Adeptus Gladiatoris...I'll build on this name later.

22-09-2005, 17:43
Captain Tobin Blazhik of the Adeptus Gladiatoris

Appearance: 6' 1", wears a black flak vest over 3/4 length sleeve camo tunic, short brown hair, bionic right arm.

Category: Blazhik counts as either an HQ or Elites choice in an Emperor's Finest force. He costs 50 points.

WS5 BS4 S3 T4 W2 I4 A2 Ld9 Sv5+

Equipment: Bolter, frag grenades, combat knife.

Heroic: Warriors of the Emperors' Finest to all To Wound rolls with shooting and combat attacks. Blazhik may fire 4 shots instead of 2 with his Bolter. Warriors of the Adeptus Gladiatoris within 6" may fire 3 shots with Rapid Fire weapons.

Bad Ideas: Warriors of the Adeptus Gladiatoris within 6" suffer -1 WS, as they follow some of his stupider plans of action. The army's strategy rating is changed to D3. Non-Adeptus Gladiatoris on Blazhik's side have likely heard of his reputation and ignore him completely.

Son of Morkai
22-09-2005, 18:43
I'll try to get some rules for Lord Whiff up shortly (I have Winter Assault and two papers to write, so it may be a day or two).

He will NOT have any special rules. Lord Whiff IS a special rule! Okay, that sounded stupid, but the Arena of Death has proven that the aura of Whiffness is connected with the character, not the model, so anyone fielding a model intended to represent Lord Whiff shall suffer, without the need for any special rules.

Kensai X
22-09-2005, 20:43
Really, I think he does need some special rules, I mean c'mon if he does actually manage to acomplish a working scourging it needs to be of some serious apocalyptic power, I mean c'mon Hell's gonna be freezing over when it happens...

I'll get up Patrick and his various point totals w/ some oddball extras... (like the flying pig familiar Earl, and Arthur the Ogrynn)

BTW Antaeus I'd suggest taking the seroius character out or I'll make him one of those Flaming Queers on the HGTV...