View Full Version : Needing more advice for my LM army

20-09-2005, 22:37
Looking at taking my Lizardmen army in one of two ways, but looking for comments on viability and (hate to say it) cheese factor.

Looking to do either Lustria or a list based arounf Kroq-Gar, and will be using his model regardless of which list I go with.

Already have a unit of 10 Cold One riders, and looking at either a second unit (with KG) or a decent unit of Terradon riders (Lustria), backed up by appropriate heroes and core choices filled with Skinks (both scouting and non).

TRYING to do a Dinosaur themed list, so no Kroxigor even though I know it may hurt me. I have the Carnosaur, and have available a Stegadon and 5th edition Salamanders (spitting images of Dimetridons), though not sure if I should put both the Steg and Sallies in the 2150 list.

I know Lustria cannot use a stegadon, though it does have that other big beastie.

Do either of the lists special rules make them unplayable or cheesy, in a competetive sense? What heroes would you suggest taking for either?

21-09-2005, 03:14
For Hero's you'll need some scroll caddies. Magic missles will tear your skinks apart. The cavalry only have 3+ saves so they will also take some casualties. I would probably take 2.

You don't need 1 unit of 10 cold ones. So split them up in to units of 10. Why pay 150 for an extra rank. With Kroq-gar riding with 5 cold ones 2 will have to sit at the back anyways due to model size. You could invest in two more only to get one more rank(66 pts). At the same time a combat banner only cost 25 pts.

I suppose that you could go for the fear outnumber strategy. But with the banner of Huichi, the one that gives the extra movement during the magic phase, you can just as easily get flank and rear charges if you invest the time for it.

Salamanders are nice and the most that you can take, you should. But the problem that I see is that you don't have a large rank and file to finish units off. I suppose 10 cold ones will doe the trick but that is around 360 pts. You can do much better with one unit of sarus wariors.

With too many shock troops, you may not have anything left in tank for a long game.

21-09-2005, 05:18
yeah, I was expecting the magic missile thing, which is why I have been considering a skink hero with shield of the mirrored pool to try and reflect them back at the caster. So, smaller units of cold one riders, I think I can do that.

21-09-2005, 20:52
If you use Kroq-gar then cold ones are core choice I think. So you may want 5 more to make three units.

I think that if you are going to invest in shock troops, then you will live and die with breaking units. Of course stupidity can be a problem so keep them close to you general.

Have you thought about chameleon skinks or scouting skinks? This would do well to mess with peoples battle line movement. Terradons are always good, but I never use them as I just don't have my plans arranged for them very well.

I play a balanced game at 2K with a Slann and some salamanders and make him come to me.

What is a good strategy with lots of shock troops is to go in waves. The first might be to weaken their troops line, and the second wave is to acually break. When the first wave breaks from combat, the will flee so you better have an all cavalry 1st wave for the 3d6 flee. But the second wave can be a lettle less fast and have more of a rank. When the first wave rallies, you can bring them back for turn 5 or 6 when the flank charges will win the game.