View Full Version : [2500 pts] White Lions of Chrace

27-12-2007, 01:35

Archmage 350 Pts

Dispel Scroll x2
Power Stone x2
Silver Wand

Noble (Battle Standard Bearer) 170pts

Great Weapon, Shield
Armor of Caledor
The Skeinsliver

Korhil 140 Pts

Caradryan 175 pts


Spearmen [20] 205 pts
w/Full Command
Spearmen [20] 205 pts
w/Full Command


Phoenix Guard [19] 335 pts
w/Full Command
War Banner

White Lions of Chrace [14] 290pts
w/Full Command
Banner of Sorcery

White Lions of Chrace [13] 250 pts
w/Full Command
Lion Standard

Lion Chariots of Chrace [2] 280 pts


Great Eagles [2] 100 pts

Total Points: 2500

Fluff, The Phoenix Guard are on loan to the Lions of Chrace to hunt down Dark elves in the area.

The Archmage will go with a Unit of White Lions, Korhil and Noble with the other Unit of white Lions, and of course Caradryan with the Phoenix Guard.

The Eagles will be for March Blocking, The Chariots for crushing Light armored Units or March blocking/rank bonus.

Phoenix Guard are a nice Large solid unit that causes fear and have a 4+ ward save w/the Warbanner they should be able to win most battles and cause the enemy to auto fail break tests.

The units of White Lions should be able to handle their own and maybe even flank who ever the Phoenix guard are engaged with.

And to get down to 2000 Pts for games, just have to drop the Phoenix Guard and Caradryan, and I am 10 pts under.

So what do you all think?

27-12-2007, 15:03
I'd say try and free up some points for some RBTs, maybe change one of those spear groups to 10 archers since you already have 4 other infantry blocks. The shooting will really help you against units with big static CR.

Dead Man Walking
27-12-2007, 23:54
Put Khorhail in a unit of spearmen, thats another stubborn unit on the table. Give it elyrion banner so they too can pass through woods.

I have found giving your white lions magic items to increase thier magical defence makes them rock solid. WIth Magic resistance 1 or 2 (item and banner) they are solid as they already have a 3+ save vrs missiles. If you want to make a unit rock solid against magical blasting put the Loremasters cloak on a character so they get a 3+ save vrs missile fire and a 2+ wardsave vrs spells :D

I also gave my bsb the radient gem so he can be a battle standard bearer and a level 1 mage on a barded steed at the same time. His purpose is to cast drain magic and add a dispel die to my army.

I am not a fan of a 350 point mage, but that is just me.