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27-12-2007, 06:53
ok i have fallen for the white lions so i am building an army based on them goes like this

korhil, chariot-270

level 2 mage-135

level 2 mage, elven steed-147

2x 10 archers-220

1x 7 elyrion reavers, spears, bows-147

20 white lions, full command-335

lion chariot-140


2xgreat eagles-100

total is 1497
ok this is the base of my army which will be 2000 points.

i tried out the white lions today in 1 big unit and in smaller units and they do much better IMO in the big unit so they are goinbg to run like this

korhil is in the chariot well because for 270 points not much else can deal out the damage that he can (does he get the hit the mount or rider special rule or does he get the wounds from the chariot???)

and the mages are there for weakening the units the white lions and the chariots will charge,

ellyrion reavers are really there to just fill in the points and to protect the mounted mage

and eagles are there for warmachine and mage hunting and possibly flanking units if i dont have to deal with alot of warmachines

does this list look good ???

for my 2000pt list im swaping the level 2 mounted mage for a level 4 archmage, adding in another unit of 20 white lions (taking out the ellyrion reavers) another chariot and if any spare points ill put in a bsb or some RBT's

cheers for your help in advance

28-12-2007, 13:16
really no advice on my list? is it really that good?

28-12-2007, 16:43
I'd maybe go with silver helms (or DPs even) rather than reavers as they'd be a better support unit for your lions. Granted the lions do fine on their own but with cavalry there to countercharge they'll be unstoppable. I would maybe consider trying to squeeze a bolt thrower in there as well, if not in this list then atleast on your 2000 point one. The archers really arent going to provide any decent shooting support and really are just there for the core choices. Anyway hope I could have helped, it is a fairly solid list overall, no real glaring weaknesses or anything.