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27-12-2007, 18:06
I like to create short pieces of fiction for my Night Lords army to give the army character, however it is hard to give numbers when I don't know what they are! Now I have a few questions as well as some general information that I need not only for this small piece but any I might write in the future.

To start what are the different sizes that the Guard come in from smallest to largest. We have squads, platoons, regiments..etc, etc, etc,

How many men are in such groups? What support does each group have?

I would also like to know about different ship names, their size and capabilities. How big would a normal fleet be to say guard one planet, or one system. And while I'm on the subject can someone give me the break down on the different names for planet, system and larger and how many systems would be in such a group.

I'm sorry for all the questions, most of them being numbers but when I write my fluff I really don't want the numbers to be silly so any answers I get will be of great help.

Thank you all very much! Happy Holidays!

27-12-2007, 18:15
Well, Guard basically comes in at the Squad, Platoon, Company, Regiment size to begin with.

Squad is usually 10 Guys. A Platoon consists of anywhere between 30-60 guys. Companies go up to about 200 soldiers, and consist of between 3-5 platoons usually. Several companies make up a regiment - in the 40k Universe the average regiment is probably about 3000 or so.

Platoon is commanded by a Lieutenant, Companies by Captains, Regiments by Colonels.

Above that the command structure gets a bit sketchy. Several Regiments would probably be combined into a Division. Divisions into armies, armies into army groups.

A division would probably be about 10,000, and army about 100,000, and army group is usually arbitrarily large - whatever is necessary.

Above that would be planetary command, then sector command, then Segmentum command, then the Lord Militant of the Imperial Guard, although actual C&C above the level of Sector is probably very very rare.

27-12-2007, 18:20
You should grab the rules for battlefleet gothic.

Funky fluff, some nice models, good game (takes forever to play though)

There is alot of ships there, and if you get the expansion to it. You have a buckload of naval stuf for all races.(i think)

27-12-2007, 18:20
Yeah, the rules for Gothic and ENDLESS amounts of info on the ships are on the Specialist Games website.

27-12-2007, 22:35
Concerning the size of Guard regiments, I'll just post my reply to a similiar question from not too long ago.

The vast differences between Imperial Guard regiments across the Imperium means it is impossible to give an exact number of men in a regiment, or how it is organised, but using the Guard Codex and the Imperial Munitorum Manual I have found that, typically:

A squad consists of 10 men, led by a Sergeant.
A platoon consists of 3-6 squads, including a 5 man command squad led by a Lieutenant.
A company consists of several platoons, numbering at at least 100 men, led by a Captain.
A regiment may consist of between 2 or 30 companies depending on when it was raised, the planetary population, and casualties in combat, amongst other factors. Regiments are led by Colonels.

As an example, the 91st Cadian, at it's formation, comprised 10 companies, each of 350 men, which including command and support staff, totals at 5037 men. It is noted that this means the 91st is in fact one of the smaller Cadian regiments.

This means that Imperial Guard regiments can vary wildly from numbering in hundreds to hundreds of thousands of men.

28-12-2007, 00:16
Thank you all for the fast replies, but I don't want to go spend money to get a rulebook for a few ship names. I will search their website in hopes of finding some information there.

So as far as planets got its...planets then systems or sectors, followed by Segmentum...how many systems would this include?

Sorry for asking you more question!

28-12-2007, 00:37
Thank you all for the fast replies, but I don't want to go spend money to get a rulebook for a few ship names. I will search their website in hopes of finding some information there.

The Battlefleet Gothic rulebook is available for free on the Specialist Games website.

Click: <here> (http://www.specialist-games.com/battlefleetgothic/rulebook.asp)

28-12-2007, 05:28
Good stuff, I'm reading bits of it now that link is most useful...keep the information coming the more I have the better my fiction will be!

28-12-2007, 15:26
Another thing is the size of the forces involved. Chances are that if you're planning to take a large planet (say, a hive world) with a few regiments -happens in one 40k book I read- it won't work very well. To use an example, the US has over 100,000 troops in Iraq alone at the moment, so the forces needed to take and hold an entire planet with cities reaching into the sky would be massive. Even in WWI, there were something like 10 MILLION troops on the western front at one point; so a guard force of 30-40 million or even up to a few hundred million men wouldn't be unappreciated in a major attack. And thats just for one planet.