View Full Version : Salamanders - Spout Flames rule (Where did it get moved too?)

27-12-2007, 20:48
Does anyone know where it got moved to?

It looks like it was simply deleted?

If so, why not say deleted?

Any answers would help.. Thanks

27-12-2007, 20:55

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Seems like someone moved it to a different part of the forums ;)

Usually, nothing will be deleted, really. The Mods and Admins still have access to those threads/posts.


28-12-2007, 03:53
I'm betting some of the posters made some post that were a little (and by that I mean very) inapropriate. And I'm thinking the Inquisition is going over the post to figure out who to Burn.... No Pun originally intended, but I'm hoping my Dragon Armour is Immune to those flames.