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27-12-2007, 22:09
I was considering making a few units of SM serfs for fun games of 40k based onboard ships.

These individuals are said to be heavily armed and benefit from considerable training making them serious force to contend with in boarding actions.

Now, my question to you all is...what might best represent these individuals?

Guardsmen, Vet Guardsmen, Storm Troopers or something else entirely? (Vet Guard with bolters for instance).

Finally, what sort of model would be best for representing serfs? (robes, armour a mixture of both?)

27-12-2007, 23:22
it depends on which chapter.i'd imagine the iron hands to turn failed initiates/serfs into servitors, or at least grant them some minor augmnetations.
or like the space wolves use theres as assistants, maybe with carapace plate.

Dark angels might be more of the robed serfs, if they have them.

it really varies from chapter to chapter.

as for in field, maybe storm troopers, as un-augmneted humans with well considerable armor/armament. or even scouts, with say shotguns or bolt pistol/ccw?
inquistorial henchmen?
servitors minus the techmarine?

28-12-2007, 05:48
I think Battlefleet Gothic gives space marine serfs a little too much credit. I suspect they don’t have much more training and weaponry then standard navy personnel, but this could also depend on the chapter.

When called to defend vital systems inside of a ship, it is likely that chapter serfs would have much of the lesser weapons in the space marine inventory. (Shotguns or Bolt Pistols.) I cant imagine that they would have much for armor (a thin atmospheric suit at best, equivalent to flak.)

Imperial Guard Veterans might be a decent way to represent serfs, they would have access to Shotguns and Bolters and higher leadership. It would give you more control over what you where modeling, and the size of the units on the ship.

You could also try the Traitor Guard entry in the Lost & Damned list as this would allow you to include the occasional power armored sergeant leading poorly armed troops defending the ship. (Plus they are troop choices)

If I had to make some space marine personnel, I would try and play up the Serf angle with some Men at arms. Personally, it sounds like Flagellants + Catachans to me. (Lead by power armored officers of the watch.)

I really love boarding actions. Good luck, and please post pictures of whatever solution you decide on.

28-12-2007, 09:00
Thanks for the input guys, in this instance they will be Blood Angel Serfs. Is there ANY material about serfs in combat situations?

28-12-2007, 15:10
There are some BFG articles on the Specialist Games website (Black Templar List, and some others) that cite how awsome these serfs are in combat, but there is little evidence to back it up.

Your best bet to track down a refrence to Serfs in combat (or even a discription of one) would be a black libary book. Goodluck, I might try and poke around on the BL forums and ask for a 40k novel with a good refrence.