View Full Version : Anyone got any experience with Tozando?

27-12-2007, 23:23
About a week before christmas eve, I graded to 3rd Kyu in Aikido, and as a christmas gift, my parents offered to pay both my new Hakama and my new Bokken (replacing my oldone, which was very badly balanced, NOT a Tozando product mind you).

So, I figured I might as well order them both from Tozando since that is where I was to order my Bokken from and I know for a fact that their bokken and hakama have a very high standard. That is not what I am wondering about. Nor am I curious about the customer support, it's excellent, questions get answered the same day you send them in (provided it's day over there as well). What I AM wondering about however is the ammount of time people have experienced the shipping to take. I have, so far, found one review that said it took five days (and that was including a weekend), however, the response from the customer support is vague at best, it basically says:

"When we have gotten the money, we'll fix it, and getting everything together can take up to two weeks", they do however (seemingly at least) have both items in stock, so I'm not too worried about this, but I'd still like to hear if people have bought from them and how long it usually seem to take before they get your order shipped.

And then I'm also wondering if anyone got a clue of the approximate delivery times for Japan to mid/northern europe through EST or whatever the shipping form was named. Will I have to wait for a month untill I can use (and then try to fold without much practice) my new hakama, or will I have it ready to wear in a week?

Sgt John Keel
28-12-2007, 00:34
If you are set on ordering from them anyway, why do you feel the need to garner information about shipping times from here? It will take the time it takes, no matter previous experiences.

If you are looking at other alternatives, then I apologise.

That said, the only thing I feel I can add is: order now.


28-12-2007, 09:58
ordered yesterday and today it be considered "shipped", all I was wondering was the approximate time I was to wait, for instance, would it take so long that I should borrow someones hakama and try and learn to fold or if it's only a matter of days that I need to put off of learning to fold it... folding those is difficult, very difficult.