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28-12-2007, 00:09
Ok, to start off this review, I will start with the obligatory, bunny-sound:

Now, there really isn't much more needed to describe the game, however, I will try.

The game Rayman raving Rabbids 2 as a game is great, however, if we break it down into different parts, we can see strengths and weaknesses as always. First of all, we have the so called "problem" of graphics, this isn't a monster in it's graphics, it was never inteded to be, but it isn't needed when you're smacking other Rabbids to make them cough up that one butterfly that YOU was going to eat before they gobbled it down.
However, for the graphics junkies, RRR2 has a feature which I have yet to see somewhere else, it might not be the case, but to me at least, it is unique, at least when it comes to computer games. Remember that E3 video from last years Raving Rabbids? You know, when the guy from Ubisoft was in his studio, talking about the game and rabbids starts to sneak up in the background, well, that is what we can see in the intro movie AND in the shooting games. What I mean by that is that we have actual people and actual streets filmed by actual cameras... and then someone (probably a rabbid with an evil mind) got ahold of said films and decided to go cyber with all of his friends. We have rabbids running arround on the streets of New York and the streets of Paris, and it is all done in a very good way as well. It doesn't get much more lifelike than actual videoshoots now does it? And sure, some may argue that it's just "gimmicky" or "just a way to get arround bad graphics", but to those, I say that super-graphics-omg-lol is just about as gimmicky and that it is actually a VERY smart way of getting arround the whole complaint of "Bah, Wii has sucky graphics" by simply not using them.

Now, let's move on shall we? The game in itself is good as a single player game, although, it is very short, and, in fact, in order to be able to fully complete the game, you MUST play it in multiplayer mode with at least two Wiimotes, since some games in the Trips can only be unlocked by playing multiplayer whilst others must be unlocked in single-player mode. This is, to me at least, not a problem what so ever, RRR was a party game, and RRR2 does this even better. And you heard me, RRR2 does party a lot better, this is because the game has actually bothered to include a GOOD multiplayer mode, so far, I haven't come across one minigame (on a multiplayer-trip) where you couldn't be four players at once, this is a clear improvement from RRR's way of going "Ok, this is for FOUR players... first P1 plays, then P2 and then P3 and lastly P4.
Outside of the party-environment however, the game lacks longevity, it's fun as hell a few times, but nothing you'll sit with for a few hours, deffinately good for a casual player who looks for something to kill time with that isn't about actually killing people. Because, let's face it, any game that isn't hugely immersive in it's storyline and choises is used for this, and there's nothing wrong with it. However, this does drag the game down a bit, but you can of course strive to beat high-scores and unlock material, since there appears to be LOADS upon LOADS of various Rabbid (not bunny :p) suits to unlock. The design in itself is also good and rather standard (five minigames per trips and then finishing with a song), however, only a total of five songs available? I'd've preffered it if there'd have been at least ten or so songs, and it would be nice with alternative difficulty-levels as well, not only "Easy" and "normal", although, that might be unlockable, who knows?

Now, the design of the minigames themselves is brilliant, as always, however, what irks me is that there are so few of them, I would have expected more games actually, like RRR where you actually have to play for quite a few hours before you've unlocked every game... or rather, at least quite a few compared to this. Here, me and my sister blew through approximately most of the games in a two (or three) hour sitting, although, two to three hours worth of minigames isn't too bad I guess. But despite this small ammount of games, they feel oddly repetitive, there are pearls of complete and utter uniqueness that you simply can't resist to love, but whilst you are raising downhill in a shoppingcart, you start to wonder, "Didn't I do this a second ago but with a different position on the Wiimote to steer?", this is unfortunately something that brings down the games total points for me. Although, waiting till the last hundredth of a second to blow your bomb before it goes off by itself is intense to the teeth.

The humour is still there, almost feels as if though there's even more of it now, although, the dark suffering of rabbids is nowhere near as fun as in RRR where you guided a blindfolded rabbid into rakes and bonfires before he got hit by a thousand-ton brick, or where you pulled worms from the stinking teeth of another. Instead, we have a kinder form of humour, although, it isn't, by far, deprived of "Waaaaaaaa!" moments.... although, a few more wouldn't have hurt. Another addition is the increased funpoking at other games, movies or similar, for instance, you have the Altair clothes availeable for Rabbids after a few times, and who can ever forget swinging through NY as Spider Rabbid in another minigame? And besides, you are prepared to forgive anything about the introduction-movie which is more than I could've ever DREAMT for after RRR's craptastic opening.

Anyhow, I think the sentence:

"Too short, too kind, too little music... but deffinately enough "Waaaaaah!" to last throughout at LEAST five parties with both male and female friends (especially non-nerdy kinds of both)." Leaves thisone with a fairly long and Rabbidaprooved "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Please refrain from bashing the Wii as a gimmicky system or generally bashing gamers who enjoy casual gaming, this thread is for the people who are thinking of buying RRR2 and for people who have it or have played it

28-12-2007, 00:56
Nice review, Neknoh... I enjoyed it for what it was as well...a fun little party-game to play with friends for a little while. Not all minigames are equally enjoyable, but destroying part of Paris with a soda pop burp or hearing Rabbids belt out songs like Smoke on the Water or Funkytown (especially Funkytown) is just hilarious. And whether you like the game or not, the Rabbids are the coolest video games characters of the past year...

28-12-2007, 10:25
Hrmm... seems I need to go on a euro-trip with my sis to get thatone I think :evilgrin:

But I do agree, the few songs that were in were brilliant... it's just that, well, they were too few