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29-12-2007, 02:27
Well, I upgraded my lap top (presario v5000) to windows XP pro today. Wouldn't "upgrade" from my old version, so I had to wipe everything clean and start over (a "new" instalation as the program called it). Unfortunatly, that got rid of the nifty "easy wlan" function and program that ran my wireless card's "on/off" button. Bloody computer won't even find that I have the card any more.

Any one else ever run into this on a compaq? Any one ever find a fix? I know I can get the rest of the computer up and running if I can just get the wireless to work.

Droped tech suport a line about it, but I doubt they'll be very prompt or usefull :(.

29-12-2007, 03:04
Bloody computer won't even find that I have the card any more.
You're saying you're not even getting a '?' sign in your hardware listings?

Do you still have your drivers CD somewhere? The one which came with the notebook? Otherwise you may find the driver suites on the manufacturer's page. You may also find the wireless-configuration programme there.

Run everything (a good idea anyway), and your wireless adapter might pop up.

29-12-2007, 03:31
You will need to install the drivers for the device, some wireless cards are not picked up by the xp device finder and will only be recognized and work when the correct drivers are installed

29-12-2007, 15:28
You're saying you're not even getting a '?' sign in your hardware listings?

Do you still have your drivers CD somewhere? The one which came with the notebook?

Yes and Yes. Already put the driver disc that had wlan stuff on it in. Since there's no "?" in the device list, I couldn't get it to go upgrade it self, and I've run the smal instal that is in the wlan driver folder. Still nothing sadly :(.

29-12-2007, 16:41
If you go to device manager and look under "network adapters" is the wireless lan adapter listed there? If it is, you dont need to reinstall the driver, it's already installed, and it's perfectly possible to get the wireless working without that utility your refering to.

the HP wireless manager as it's called on most HP/Compaq's is just a utility that can turn the wireless radio on/off. It does not manage what wireless network you can connect to, and does not stop you connecting to one because it's not there. The only thing you might have to do, it to press a certain key combonation on the keyboard. sometimes this turns the wireless radio on/off as well. it would be the Fn key and one of the F keys it it exists on your laptop.

Once that's all checked and ok, so long as the wireless is installed ok, as above, then you should have a icon in the bottom right corner, next to the time. It looks like a single computer screen. Right click it and choose "view available wireless networks" you should see your router/network on the list, just double click it to connect, entering an network keys you have set up if needed.

If when going to "view available wireless networks" it says "Windows cannot configure this connection..." then you have to make sure the wireless zero configuration service is running. to do this:

start > run > type "services.msc" (without quotes!) , press OK That will give you a list. Find "wireless zero configuration" on the list. double click it. Make sure "startup type" is set to automatic and that the service is currently started. (press the start button if not)

Then, go back to the "view available wireless networks" page where it says it cannot configure the connection, click "change advanced settings" then go to the wireless networks tab. Tick the box at the very top that says sometihng to the effect of "use windows to manage this wireless connection." and press OK. then go back to "view available wireless networks" and your network should show up.

30-12-2007, 02:14
All I have under network adapters is a "Realtek RTL813... Ethernet NIC" device, so it doesn't actualy list anything wireless.

And I know that the "easy" control program isn't really needed, it was just really great for if a virus jumped up or got caught, I could hit the button, my computer would drop imediatly off the internet, and the virus couldn't download other things.

It also doesn't look like any of my fn+F keys has that function eigther :(.

Anoying thing is I don't even know the type of wireless card I have (since the computer won't find it to tell me), so I can't even try hooking up with a cord and going to get the driver :cries:.

31-12-2007, 15:50
So the saga continues... I can get my wireless, and my wireless "on/off" button back by restoring the pc to factory specs with my old restore disks. But it still won't upgrade to xp pro, tells me there is an internal error and it can't finish instalation. When I try to start windows any ways, it tells me I'm missing a system32\hal.dll file. Any one run into that specific problem?

Hopefully tech suport will be able to point me towards a downloadable copy of my wireless manager program (and I have the name of the card now at least, so drivers wont be a huge problem If I have to do the full xp pro format and instal).

[Edit] Found the programs and drivers, going to try and get them instaled on the fresh start xp pro instalation.