View Full Version : 1,000pts (totally) Undivided Daemon Legion

Black Ambience
15-04-2005, 23:32
This is more of an experiment than anything else - I am just curious about what you guys make of this. It's a small Daemonic Legion list making use of nothing but Undivided units (as such it's pretty restrictive).

Exalted Daemon - 355

Lvl 2 Spellcaster, Blade of the Ether

Daemonic Herald - 245

Daemonic Mount, Greater Icon, War Banner, Soul Hunger

13 Furies - 195

13 Furies - 195

The list is incredibly mobile, especially for small games where there is unlikely to be much that can out-maneuver such a list. The fliers begin by darting around the enemy to march block and pick off vulnerable targets, while the Herald stalks a unit. Once the weak elements of the enemy force have been killed, the fliers make a combined attack on the unit the Herald is stalking along with said Herald, using the massive flank charges and bonuses from the Herald himself to wipe out/break that unit. This is then repeated and adapted for whatever is left over.

The army is very fragile, so the key is not to be brought to fight unless you know you will win (hence the Soul Hunger and so on).

16-04-2005, 08:21
C'mon this is really quite silly. I just don't think this will be any fun for you or your opponent.

17-04-2005, 03:51
I think that the list will have some serious troubles myself.

If only you could split the furies into three units, then it'd be "okay", but of course you can't do that legally.

You should do alright against a mostly close combat oriented army, but against a shooting oriented army (especially one with skirmishers or fast cavalry that can shoot any direction they wish without even moving), you will have next to no chance of winning I would think.

Black Ambience
17-04-2005, 09:04
Yeah, that is pretty much that I was thinking. Fairly appropriate for a list made up of scavengers really. So the verdict is a big glowing "No, this isn't a feasible idea"?

18-04-2005, 02:18
You could always proxy it against someone just for the fun of it to see how it will do.