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30-12-2007, 02:32
Hello all, I'm pretty sure I've completed my Dwarf army for now (at 2k) and am about to move on to an army that fits my playing style a lot better... WE. Anyways, as most know, Dwarfs can be really good and cheesy. I play mainly with a close circle of friends, and at times would beat them so bad it wasn't even funny or fun. So with that in mind, I did my best to create a balanced Dwarf army the players could have fun playing against, or at least that they could deal with. So here is my army:

Characters (2):

Runesmith w/ Master Rune of Balance, Master Rune of Gromril (are two master runes allowed one one Dwarf?), Great Weapon = 149 pts (My general)

Runesmith w/ Shield, Rune of Fury, Rune of Cleaving, Rune of Spellbreaking = 142 pts

Core (4):

20 Warriors w/ Shield, Full Command = 205 pts
19 Warriors w/ Great Weapons, Champion, Standard Bearer = 210 pts
12 Longbeards w/ Great Weapons, Champion, Standard Bearer, Rune of Stoicism = 201 pts
10 Thunderers w/ Shields

Special (4):

23 Hammerers w/ Full Command, Rune of Battle = 301 pts
2 Bolt Throwers, each w/ an Engineer = 120 pts
10 Miners w/ Blasting Charges = 140 pts
10 Miners w/ Blasting Charges = 140 pts

Rare (2)

Organ Gun = 120 pts
Organ Gun = 120 pts

Total = 1998 pts

So my main question is how easy would this list be to play against, especially if my opponents know it which they will. They play DE, VC (Blood Dragons), and HE. I think they should stand a solid chance against it... seeing as how I didn't really armor my infantry a whole lot and I don't have a ridiculous amount of shooting, IMO. What do you guys think? Also, should I drop the rune on the Longbeards and/or Hammerers and put one on a bolt thrower or both? All comments and tips are welcome... including strategy for my opponents against this list. Thanks for taking the time to read, and comment if you do!

30-12-2007, 17:23
I think you should get a Thane instead of the non general runesmith since he would be perfect togheter with the hammerers espesialy if youre up against VC.