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30-12-2007, 18:38
I just recently started collecting a hordes of chaos army. I don't have everything yet, but I've been reading a little bit and came up with an army list. Was hoping for some suggestions about changes I could make or any ideas.

Exalted Champion of Chaos
Shield, Whip of Pleasure, Mark of Slaanesh: 172
In Chaos Chariot (Do I need to bother with a shield if he is in the chariot?)

Sorcerer of Chaos
Level 2 Wizard, Mark of Slaanesh, Power Familiar: 190

Bray Shaman
Braystaff, Dispel Scroll, Dispell Scroll: 131

Chaos Chariot
Mark of Slaanesh: 130

Tuskgor Chariot: 85

Warriors of Chaos (12)
Additional Hand Weapon, Full Command, Mark of Slaanesh, Rapturous Standard: 304

Knights of Chaos (5)
Chosen, Mark of Slaanesh, Full Command, Rapturous Standard: 345

Chaos Furies (10): 150

Warhounds of Chaos (5): 30

Beast Herd Gor (12), Ungor(8)
Musician, Standard Bearer: 131

Marauders (20) x2
Flails, Full Command: 145

Total: 1993

30-12-2007, 18:49
A few notes (don't have time to seriously go into the army list as a whole right now):

If equipped with the Whip of Slaanesh, your exalted can't have a shield per the magic item description.

You have two of the same magical item in your list (Rapturous Standard). Illegal.

I don't know what "furries" are - flying rabbits I presume? ;) (joke - bad one)

I would rethink the Gor/Ungor-ratio in the herd and would always add a Foe-Render for the added Ld.

The list as a whole seems a bit too slow and low on magic for a Slaanesh list. These are two of the main strengths of Slaanesh. Adding speed would require a major overhaul, whereas adding a bit more magic can be done by making the Bray Shaman LvL 2 and marking him with MoS, making him more than just a scroll caddy. Should bring you up to seven PD and five DD (counting the familiar). Before, you had 6/5, where the one PD on the scroll caddy was a little useless - unless you started dipping into the common pool to cast a spell with the caddy, which would limit your Slaanesh sorcerer by only allowing him 4 dice to cast with.

Just some thoughts - will make a more comprehensive post when I have more time.


31-12-2007, 02:17
Terrible typos. I've seen it said many times that Slaanesh strengths are speed and magic. I get the magic part, but not totally the speed part. Could you explain that. Thanks for the information so far.

Guy Fawkes
31-12-2007, 04:36
I would recommend getting rid of the Mark of Slaanesh on Chariots, as being able to flee a charge is very useful, as they can often get away and Chariots are among the worst models in the game for taking a charge. It gives you a little more flexibility as a general.

I'd make the magic a little more potent as well. A lvl 2 on the Scroll Caddy, maybe better magical equipment, at least. The Mark of Slaanesh on him will help also. Taking one sorcerer that can effectively cast is kind of useless, because with 5 dice available to him, he won't get anything off against any opponent. (Even the lowest magic defense currently acceptable is a scroll caddy on a lvl 1 wizard, which is 3 dice and two scrolls) Considering how powerful the Lore of Slaanesh is, it seems a waste to go half-hearted on magic. Either ignore it all together and keep just the caddy, or go whole hog and abuse it with 2 - 3 magic users. In Warhammer, unfortunately, there's not a lot of middle ground with magic.

Also, on your questions with speed and magic, there was a post a little ways down with a Slaanesh 2K list in it that had a lot of replies and was fairly informative with good advice for Slaanesh players. I'd suggest you read it.

Edit: Also, why the double topics?

31-12-2007, 06:34
Thanks for pointing me in the direction of that thread. Had quite a bit of useful information in it. I'm not sure how I ended up posting this thread twice, actually found it rather odd.

01-01-2008, 10:18
Note that a chaos mortal chariot (don't know about beasts) must have the same mark as its rider. If you decide to mount your exalted on a chariot (like I'm doing), the whip of pleasure is a must, I think, in order to minimize the effects of receiving a charge.

If you just want chariots (with your heroes elsewhere), tuskgor chariots are much more cost effective than mortal chariots, and you have plenty of special slots unless you really want bestigors as well.

For more magic, consider as well the Banner of Wrath, giving you a bound spell at 4; a useful surprise in the first turn (after your opponent uses all of his dispel dice on your normal spells) and then a way to probably soak one dispel die every turn following. At 50 points, it's certainly cheaper than another mage, but sometimes not as cost effective as bumping a level 1 to a level 2.

Finally, let me recommend that you do not purchase champions in units, unless you expect to have a hero in the unit (and sometimes not even then). You're paying a lot for a champion's extra attack if you're not going to end up using them to accept or give challenges in order to protect characters in the unit.

A champion can, of course, reduce the number of troops lost to a very scary enemy character, but overkill means that your unit still faces the same CR points as if you had lost the troops. Furthermore, when a weedy enemy character is in combat with your line (like a sorceror), your opponent can issue a challenge to your champion to avoid the rest of the attacks your front line would otherwise nominate to that character.