View Full Version : diabloic splendour and the hellcannon?

21-09-2005, 18:25
quick question on using the undivided gift diabolic splendour on the hellcannon...
it makes the daemonic ward save a proper ward save for the daemon and any daemonic unit it joins...
i guess im wondering if the hellcannon unit itself (cannon and crew) constitiutes a "daemonic" unit for the purpose...
and to come to meat of the matter... if by taking the splendour does the crew gets the 4+ ward save...

21-09-2005, 19:16
Looking at the list on SoC website, the Hellcannon rules look a little bit vague on this. Wondering if they were clarified for the actual book - the official FAQ did not spread any light to the issue.

Here is a link to the SoC website with the lists: http://stormofchaos.uk.games-workshop.com/book/armies/default.htm

The way I interpret it, the Hellcannon is a mortal unit, that however has a few special rules which are normally available to daemonic units only: it can have daemonic gifts, and it has daemonic aura and daemonic attacks.

My intuition says that the daemonic aura should not apply to the crew, but the way the special rules section for this unit is structured, it seems like the crew would actually get the daemonic aura!

I am puzzled. :confused: Was there a solution found to this during the actual SoC campaign?

21-09-2005, 20:23
It has daemonic attacks and daemonic aura, but it is not a daemon because it does not have the "daemonic" special rule; so a daemon character cannot join them and the crew would not recieve the aura.

21-09-2005, 21:19
not recieve the splendour you mean...
i'll run with this ruling... in truth i was more looking for the reason why not...

its interesting that its not a daemon...
do things that do extra damage to dameons affect it then?

22-09-2005, 02:22
Nothing does extra to daemons i dont think, but magical attacks nullify the save.

22-09-2005, 09:29
It could be affected by the Warrior priests power.

22-09-2005, 15:15
Empire warrior priests truely have a prayer that only does damage to daemons and undead.

I would say that the Hellcannon would not be affected by that, since it is has neither Daemonic or Undead special rule.