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21-09-2005, 20:51
hows it look?

Vampire Count @ 346 Pts
General; Magic Level 2
Aura of Dark Majesty
Spell Familiar
Wolf Form
Ring of the Night
Wolf Lord

Vampire Thrall @ 131 Pts
Heavy Armour
Tomb Blade

Vampire Thrall @ 152 Pts
Heavy Armour;
Talisman of Protection
Spectral Attendants

20 Sylvanian Militia @ 225 Pts
Halberd; Light Armour; Shield;
full command

20 Sylvanian Militia @ 225 Pts
Spear; Light Armour; Shield;
full command

20 Sylvanian Levy @ 175 Pts
Halberd; Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician

5 Dire Wolves @ 65 Pts

5 Fell Bats @ 100 Pts

14 Drakenhof Guard @ 295 Pts
Great Weapon; Full Plate Armour; full command
War Banner

8 Black Knights@ 285 Pts
Barding; Lance; Heavy Armour; Shield;
full command
Banner of the Barrows

Casting Pool: 4

Dispel Pool: 3

Models in Army: 97

Total Army Cost: 1999

22-09-2005, 00:02
If you are only going to use two thralls make the vampire alord for the extra dispel dice and power dice, don't put him a a wolf unit becuase it makes hi to vunable and if he dies its game over tough 5 and a 5 wardsave isn't much. Also i'd drop one thing of militia for levy they cheaper and niether unit is really going to kill anything so who you fooling. Go with hand weopin shield with the levy and have the character in their do the damage, only go three fell bats, tall that is needed for siege eopons and mages.

22-09-2005, 19:34
going by the rules levy nor millitia cant take HW+Shields

I dont understand why people think taking 3 bats is a good idea.. I find them great for chasing down fleeing units... 3 rarely make it to my oppenants warmachines either

Forgot to explain this*sorry*:--Vampire doesn't go with wolves- not being calvary would negate their fast calvary rule. Instead he just stays by or in a large skelli unit and takes advantage of the 18 inche charge range to assist in other fights or hangs behind the line on his own and does the same as above

How effective are drakenhof gaurd at killing? I havent got a chance to test them out yet

22-09-2005, 20:20
Drakenhof guard are great only if you give them the Barrow Banner. WS3 just isn't good enough for an elite unit, REALLY!

Also, just because it doesn't say the Levy or Milita have Handweapons is irrelevent, all models in Warhammer are assumed to have a handweapon aren't they?

24-09-2005, 11:01
going by the rules levy nor millitia cant take HW+Shields

All models have a hand weapon unless otherwise stated. It's pointless to use anything other than HW+Shield combo with militia, let alone levy.

25-09-2005, 23:14
your much better off with levy than militia with the points saved an the extra one you get to raise.

in that case you save 100 points!!!

your charater choices seem pretty soft, why not take summon wolves?

27-09-2005, 19:28
I guess he was thinking you were buying them halberds/spears/ etc but infact they come with it :)

mmmm everyone loves zombies... just wait until they see zombies in armour... 4+ sv mmmm... brains.

Summon wolves is what... 50? 65? pts :( (edit: the expensive one is bats, how much is wolves?)

As for the suggestion of beefing your count up to a lord, just give someone earthbind if you want more dispelling power :) (i see one of your thralls already has it :) so.. nvm)

The only real difference between levy and militia.... is when they attack - both are slow, but one of them strikes after great weapons and nasty things like... lizardmen....

- g0ddy