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Dragon Prince of Caledor
31-12-2007, 03:26
Hi all,
I got a dragon mage.. I have used it a couple times against my tomb kings friend. I did not feel I had used it to the full extent of its abilities. What are some ways you guys think I could use him. Him being immune to psych kinda kills my breath weapon and/or my terror:(
thanks:) sick model though!

31-12-2007, 16:43
Best thing you can do with a dragon mage against tomb kings is hunt down his hierophant. Even if he is in a unit and you know you will lose combat overall, get in there and smash him and if you do run then you should be able to get away and reform later.

Mean while his army is falling apart.

31-12-2007, 16:57
Don't Tomb Kings have a few Flammable units? Flamming Sword Baby. Also, I tend to give my Dragon Mage the Silver Wand, This gives him an Extra spell to cast, and with his Reckless Rule, He should have more than enough dice to try to cast all three spells. This can, or at least tempt your opponent to use up all of his dispell dice, and then if you have another mage, he should be able to cast his spell without difficulty.

02-01-2008, 15:56
That would be the King or Prince. Thats the lot. Hierophant hunting imo is better with eagles - anyway. Also, most heirophants either have a 4+ ward save or can fly themselves (cloak of Dunes) so are tricksy to catch in the first place.

Dragon Prince of Caledor
03-01-2008, 02:39
Indeed I dont think that the mage is worth the points to kill a hierophant when my eagles do a great job with that! He is great to just cast spells with but that renders the dragon useless really. All he does is blocks missiles. Even with the sword if he gets into combat attacks will be directed at mage=dead mage :(
Tricksy ...

Runt Nosher
03-01-2008, 03:29
I don't use a Dragon Mage but I have used an Archmage on Moon Dragon quite a few times. I feel that the extra points are worth the far greater versatility. I use him much like a Dragonmage though, prefering to load him up with magic missiles and send him behind enemy lines. I like the added magic item allowance that I get as well, being able to carry the Ring of Fury, Silver Wand and scrolls is nice, and the Sun Dragon doesn't even compare to the Moon Dragon in any way shape or form.

I'm thinking about switching to a Dragonmage/Archmage combo rather than Archmage+Moon Dragon/Mage combo. I don't think he can hash it out quite as well as my moon dragon in close combat and his breath won't be as effective when he's not in CC. I'm still torn on whether this change would suit my background either because I really don't want anything from Caledor and would have to find a way to justify having the model in a way I don't feel comfortable :D.

Dragon Prince of Caledor
03-01-2008, 19:21
Really! I love caledor! Dragons and dragon princes rock my socks! I guess that the extra attack and strength and weapon skill are nice. But in smaller battles or even 2000pts a dragon mage with banner of sorcery and the ring of fury +silver wand is undispellable...:)