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21-09-2005, 22:45

21-09-2005, 23:06
Harlequin Troupe

Interesting, given the lack of *official* rules, what do you propose?


T7? Pts increase?

Other than that, I'd allow larger Guardian Squads.

21-09-2005, 23:12
Haven't played against one in 4th Ed, so I'll take your word.

Good point on the Guardians.

So, what are your proposals for the Harlequins?

Alco Engineer
21-09-2005, 23:29
I can't be stuffed reading all of the wishlist but it would make more sense for warwalkers to be fast attack if they were twin linked. This would avoid that cheddar smell that accompanies so many eldar tournament lists. I realise this would bring their points down but I think this would be a good thing IMO as twin linked is handy and it would be better than having the equivilent of 6 old heavy supports and no fast attacks in some armies.

21-09-2005, 23:44
Sorry Nurglitch but Harlequins won't be in the new codex of that I'm 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 999999999999%

21-09-2005, 23:55
[QUOTE]Aspect Temples (Dire Avenger, Howling Banshee, Striking Scorpion, Shining Spear, Fire Dragon, Warp Spider, Swooping Hawks, Dark Reapers). May be transported in a Wave Serpent or Falcon.

Dire Avengers should not be elites in the standard list. This will only go to make them less common than now!

Guardian - Between 5 and 10 Guardians. May take Lasblasters or Shuriken Catapults. May be transported in a Wave Serpent or Falcon. Heavy Weapons take up four spaces on board.

Personally I dislike the lasblaster idea. Every army gets one basic gun not two

Warwalkers - May Fleet of Foot, weapons count as twin-linked

I agree their weapons need twin-linking. They also need a DECENT energy field!

Shuriken Catapult
R24" S4 AP5 Rapid Fire

I say R18" S4 or 3 AP5 Assault 2, pinning

Shuriken Cannon
R36" S6 AP4 Heavy 4

R24" S5 or 4 AP5 Assault 3, pinning

Bright Lance
R36" S9 AP2 Heavy 1, Lance

This won't go above str 8 be realistic!

Star Cannon
R24" S7 AP2 Heavy 1 Blast

Boring, that's a plasma cannon! :rolleyes:

[Warp Spider Guns]
R12" S6 AP- Assault 1 Blast

Why do people keep trying to turn these into 2nd ed weapons!? :wtf: they're fine as is

Prism Cannon
R60 S9 AP2 Heavy 3 Blast AA

Are you insane!? 3 shots at str 9? :wtf: that'll kill most tanks in a single round!

Scatter Laser
R24 S6 AP- Heavy D3 Blast

the random nature of this weapon IS the problem, it needs a fixed rate of fire

Swooping Hawks - may turbo-boost

read your rulebook this is a bike rule

Dark Reapers - armed with Eldar Missile Launchers.

they need improved armour. they're not tank killers that's the role of fire dragons

21-09-2005, 23:56
Your point being? I felt like sticking them in there. I doubt that any Codex that GW produces will look anything like the proposals I have here. That's okay. I'm just making a proposal. Incidentally I think I'll cannibalise this for the DM Craftworld Eldar list...:)

I thought you were trying to propose things for the new codex! :confused:

22-09-2005, 00:33
1. Dire Avengers need not be elites if/when you take an Autarch. Also, having R24" S4 AP5/6 Assault 2 weapons will make them handy.

Dire Avengers are the most common aspect and should and will remain a troops choice.

3. They're fast attack. Armour 10 is plenty good for Eldar

They're heavy support at present and come with an energy field, you can't ignore it! armour 10 is fine for something like a vyper moving fast and thus only taking glancing hits but a war walker can't do that, they get blown apart too easily because of the worst attempt at designing a force field i've ever seen

4. Naw, I like R24" S4 AP6 Rapid Fire better.

So now they're ork shootas?

5. Naw, I prefer keeping it on par with other Eldar heavy weapons. Likewise I don't see why it should cause pinning.

because a massive wall of razor sharp discs coming at you will cause you to dive to the floor and because I know for a fact that GW were playtesting giving shuriken weapons pinning

6. I am being realistic. That's why I made it heavy. Besides this matches the E:A stats better.

but it's on platforms and vehicles so being heavy is academic! if a lance weapon were str 9 then land raiders would be glanced on 3+ and penetrated on 4+ thus upsetting too many space marine fan boys!

7. No, actually it's a Disintegrator sans the rapid-fire effect.

semantics, it's a plasma cannon. but I'd happily see it share the characteristics of the disintegrator

8. Likewise this is a Shredder.

think of placing 10 of these from a single warp spider squad... :cheese:
no dark eldar unit has access to that many shredders

9. Remember that it'll fire as a barrage. In E:A it's a great anti-tank weapon.

I agree it should be a good tank killer but again 3 shots is silly and it can't be str 9 if the bright lance is str 9

10. The Blast gives it a minimum fixed rate of at least one blast template.

NO! :eek: random weapons = orks not eldar for crying out loud!

11. Indeed it is. And I'm suggesting that Swooping Hawks get it too.

why are they bikes all of a sudden? :rolleyes:

12. Their armour is plenty good. They should be shooting and scooting. Hard to do weighed down by heavy 3+ armour. About the Missile Launchers: Eldar Missile Launchers can fire Krak or Plasma missiles. They're more effective firing plasma missiles than they are trying to krak tanks. Fire Dragons will still be better at dealing with heavy infantry and vehicles close up, and they'll be less anti-marine and more death-from-afar.

Striking Scorpions seem to shoot and scoot fine in 3+ armour! You don't know your background. Dark Reapers are anchored to the floor by their boots for stable firing. So you think they should move around thereby wasting half the game not shooting? :wtf: They die too easily with the loss of screening and need the heavier armour that they had in 2nd ed and mysteriously vanished in 3rd
By giving them missile launchers they become non-specialised, the antithesis of an aspect warrior